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Friday, 31 October 2014

Chicago Bears: The Drama Continues in The Windy City

Everyone is in shock of the 3-5 start for the Chicago Bears this season. Many had them making the playoffs this year coming out of the NFC North. They've lost four out of their last five games. This isn't what quarterback Jay Cutler and head coach Marc Trestman had in mind coming into this season.

The Bears had big plans on winning some very meaningful games this season, but when you get blown out by the New England Patriots and Tom Brady 51-23, you're not a playoff team. The effort isn't there, and there is just too many mistakes happening on the field. Players need to be accountable for that.

We can point the finger at the quarterback because he runs the offense, but that wouldn't be fair to Jay Cutler. He's having a good year statically speaking, throwing 2,093 passing yards with 17 touchdowns in eight games. However, these numbers aren't equating to wins and his wide receiver Brandon Marshall isn't too happy with Cutler.

The past few weeks, Brandon Marshall has called out players in the locker room including Cutler for making costly mistakes that is causing them to lose games. Marshall is upset with the turnovers made by Cutler. We need to be looking at the offensive line that they have. Cutler has been sacked a total of 20 times this season. Where is the protection in that offense?

The drama seems to follow this organization week-by-week now, as long as they keep losing. Brandon Marshall has spoke with the media about his frustration, and it just looks like this team is spiraling out of control fast. Marshall shouldn't be the one talking, as he's having a disappointing first half of the season. His numbers are completely down, and are at a career low.

Fans in the windy city wasn't prepared for this type of drama, with the team they live and die for week after week. The quarterback isn't the problem why they're losing. The Chicago Bears players need to look themselves in the mirror and see how they can be better as a team.

They aren't completely out of the playoff race. It's another half-season to go, and they can make a run, but it's unlikely. As long as there is drama in a locker room, a team can't have success. Where are the leaders on this team? Now that's the question the media should be asking the Bears.


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