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Friday, 17 October 2014

Coaches Who May Replace Rex Ryan in New York

A poor start to the season, suspect player performance and a head coach who seems to like the “put everything on my back” attitude. It is a recipe for disaster – and a challenge only a quarterback like Rex Ryan can enjoy. Whether he is going to be in New York next season or not, this is the situation the head coach of the J-E-T-S, JETS, JETS, JETS, Is faced with as his teams tries to move forward.

Geno Smith is not the answer at quarterback and Michael Vick hasn’t been much better. Do you think a call to Richard Todd would help much?

This does not get any better as these Jets travel to New England to try and stop a Patriots team that two weeks ago appeared to be on life support but were revived by Grey’s Anatomy.

In any event, there is certainly a fire that has been lit under the butt of the polarizing coach. Should he not be around after the end of the season, here are a few names of coaches who could be in the mix.


I think he will be coaching at Michigan next season or could be down the bay in Oakland. The enigma of a coach would be as effervescent as Ryan and could be the breath of air this town needs. Harbaugh will want autonomy with all decisions about player personnel. Is Woody Johnson willing to allow that type of situation again?


At some point, Carmichael will get a shot as a head coach. Hopefully, he is more Bill Belichick and less Josh McDaniel. The offensive coordinator in New Orleans has proven he can sculpt an offense that has made Drew Brees one of the greatest of all time. Carmichael’s quiet demeanor may be a nice change from the fiery Ryan on the sidelines.


Del Rio is a defensive mastermind who failed in Jacksonville, but has proven to be a great coordinator in Denver. With the right offensive coordinator and quarterback, he could thrive as a head coach. Sometimes, the right fit is all it takes. Del Rio is a likeable guy who is a player’s coach. His personality is a perfect fit in New York.


The offensive mastermind of the Broncos. A lot of what happens belongs to the greatness of Peyton Manning. Gase, however, has a huge part in making Denver go forward. The Jets undoubtedly needs a fire lit under the offense. How Gase can work with Geno Smith or another quarterback is crucial to the success of the franchise.


This is the reach for this franchise. Can Shaw make the jump back to the NFL and show success like Jim Harbaugh showed when he left Stanford for the NFL? I think if there is a college coach who is ready to become an NFL head coach right now, Shaw is the man.


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