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Friday, 10 October 2014

DraftKings Strategy Week 6 Quarterbacks: Best Buy and Over Priced

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Below you’ll find Over-Priced and Best Buys for QBs.  These are purely my suggestion as to which players come at a reasonable or unreasonable price based on their projected production. Some of them I don’t like based on match-ups while others I love the match-ups but don’t like the price.  

It’s important to note you don’t want to ONLY use the Best Buy Players, this is simply a way to find some “sleepers” to fill your lineup. 

Best Buy Quarterbacks:

Matt Ryan $8,600 vs. Bears: The Bears are giving up the 8th most points to opposing QBs and Matt Ryan and the Dirty Birds are back in their home perch for the 1st time since Week 3.

Jay Cutler $8,000 vs. Falcons: We expect a lot of points in this match-up as both teams are fairly INCOMPETENT when it comes to defense. Cutler’s scored over 20 fantasy points in 2 of his 4 match-ups and this game is gearing up to be one of his best this year.

Russell Wilson $7,600 vs. Cowboys: Back at home for the 1st time since Week 3, Wilson is coming off a MONSTER Week 5 performance in which he scored 37 points. Now he gets the Cowboys in Week 6 who have struggled stopping opposing QBs who have strong rushing ability.

ABSOLUTE STEAL: Tony Romo $6,100 vs. Seahawks: Romo is priced lower than Charlie Whitehurst, Teddy Bridgewater and Austin Davis…WTF? Sure the match-up vs. the Legion of Boom seems daunting. But in reality the Seahawks allowed Kirk Cousins to score 23 points, Peyton Manning scored 22, and  Philip Rivers scored 29. Romo’s scored over 20 fantasy points the last two weeks.

BIG RISK/SMALL PRICE: Tom Brady $6,000 vs. Bills: Brady and company came alive in Week 5 dropping 43 points on the stout Bengals Defense. The future HOF had his best game of the year scoring 20 fantasy points. With an AFC East match-up in Week 6 we like Giselle’s hubby’s chances of exceeding or matching that point total.  

Over Priced Quarterbacks:

 Matthew Stafford $8,200 vs. Vikings: The match-up is certainly not terrifying but the fact Stafford will likely be playing without Calvin Johnson is giving us nightmares. Golden Tate has benefitted immensely to teams rolling coverage over to Megatron but can Tate continue to produce at an elite level without Johnson on the field? We’ll find out in Week 6 and even if he does, Stafford’s number just won’t be the same compared to having Calvin out there (CAPTAIN OBVIOUS). 

Colin Kaepernick $7,200 vs. Rams: Every week Kape is priced as a Top 8 QB and I never understand why. He averages just 15 fantasy points per week and has just one game with multiple TDs. The production simply does no equal his price point. 

Andy Dalton $6,500 vs. Panthers: Like we said for Stafford, Dalton will be without his best target in Week 6 thanks to AJ Green aggravating his toe injury during stretching. A TOE INJURY…DURING STRETCHING… let that sink in for a second… Ok point is Green and Dalton may be one of the best QB/WR tandems going right now, but without Green on the field, we expect the Bengals to turn the game over to their rushing attack, leaving Dalton with his worst outing of the year.

Austin Davis $6,400 vs. 49ers: I don’t have anything against the NFC West and typically I LOVE that “Monday Night Juice” working in my favor but this week the 49ers and Rams SCREAM low scoring defensive  nightmare and not high scoring fantasy dream. 



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