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Friday, 24 October 2014

DraftKings Week 8 Strategy: Expert Lineup Analysis

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Week 8 Draft Kings X’s & O’s:  A Strategy Discussion Of Who To Put In Your Lineup


Hi All,

Well, the Falcons kept Antone Smith off the field (only 5 touches) and surprise, surprise he didn’t score a touchdown this week, which allowed Dan’s team with Aaron Rodgers and Le’Veon Bell to put a beat down on my team with Big Ben and Arian Foster.  Dan now leads 4-2 in our year-long weekly H2H battle.  Congrats Dan!  I am sure you have something sneaky planned this week, but I will not lie down and die, I am going to take it down this week.  Bring it on!

Dan’s Response:  People say I am “Cocky”, I say I am confident.  So here is my sneaky play.  I built my H2H lineup only using my picks below.  Only problem is I have $700 left over, so let’s call it a handicap and I will let everyone decide if that is being “Cocky” or “Confident”.  Geesh.  I guess that puts all the pressure on you now!!  Let the mind games begin…..buhahahahahaha. 

Nick Re-response:  I will take that challenge, I will also only use the players I have recommended below….I have $600 left so I guess your handicap is a little bigger than mine…..Just remember - Pressure makes diamonds…Ice up, Son!

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We would also like to point out that while many players do create multiple lineups for the Millionaire Maker, the player who took 4th place for $40,000 only had a single lineup.  That’s right, one lineup (possibly the free entry they received for being a new signup) and they are $40,000 richer!!!!  This week it could be you!  So sign up now at to get your FREE ENTRY at, your money is waiting for you!

Once you have signed up, come back here and take a look at Dan & my advice and thoughts on whom to put into your lineup. 

As a reminder, FFCHAMPS.Com has a great tool you can use to help set up your Daily Fantasy Line Up:  Just Click Here to take a quick look at the FFChamps Daily Fantasy Ranks tool.  Just remember to come back and finish reading our article. 

OK, back to the business at hand.  

As we do every week, Dan and I will take a look at the match-ups, the player performance, the Draft Kings’ pricing and the Daily Fantasy Rank Tool, of course, to suggest players we think will give you an edge as you put your Draft Kings Roster together and hopefully help you put together that perfect lineup that can take you all the way to this week’s One Million Dollar top prize.

Before we start, just as a reminder, while we will not usually highlight the Major Studs at each position, these players, like Peyton Manning, Demaryius Thomas, Andrew Luck, Demarco Murray, Dez Bryant, Matt Forte, Antonio Brown, and Le’Veon Bell will be an integral part of your lineups.  Our goal here is to also spotlight some of medium, and even, lower priced players who can nicely fill out your lineup.  Thus allowing you to have that perfect combination of Studs and Value players to reach the money and ultimately take down first place.

So, while Dan and I will not specifically recommend many of these Studs in our discussion below, there are no reasons not to target them for your lineup.  In fact, this week, Aaron Rodgers at $9,800, DeMarco Murray at $8,600, Arian Foster at $8,400 and Matt Forte at $8,800 provide excellent value and you should seriously consider at least a couple of them as the core of your lineup this week.  Just realize that if/when you do, you will have to work hard to find good value (i.e. low price/high production) in the other roster slots.

That is what we are here for!

Remember the New York Giants and San Francisco 49ers are on bye this week; so many mid-priced players on these two teams who have been producing will not be available this week so you will have to look elsewhere.  Also remember that there are some big injuries out there, such as Jimmy Graham and Calvin Johnson, so keep an eye on the injury report, the last thing you want is to have a player in your lineup that is not on the field.

So with this in mind, here we go!


Nick’s QBs:

Andrew Luck ($8,800): Luck has just been a machine this year:  7 games; 19 touchdowns; 28.6 average FFPG; 333 average ypg; and 2 rushing touchdowns as a bonus.  This week he gets the Steelers who 20th versus opposing QBs and they have yet to face one of the premier quarterbacks in the league.  The best QB they have played has been Cam Newton in week three who put up 250 yards and 1 touchdown in only his second game back.  Stack up Luck with TY Hilton ($6,800) less than a third of your budget and watch the points roll in.  I will tell all of you right now, I am putting this stack in my Millionaire Maker line up this week.  (No Dan, I am not going to tell you whether this stack is going into our H2H.)

DAN’S CHALKBOARD:  I am the guy that stands up and makes the human letters T Y…T Y.  Every time Eugene Marquis Hilton catches a ball.  The initials may be wrong, but the connection with Luck is absolutely right.  You really can’t go wrong with these guys unless they have a bunch of success on the ground (aka Week 2).  Your H2H stack is safe, I’ll stay away. 


Tony Romo ($7,400): Romo is a safe play with good upside.  Since week four, Romo has averaged 21.8 points, with 10 touchdowns and only 2 interceptions.  The Redskins defense looks good, but allowed 325 yards and 3 TDs to Nick Foles and 300 yards and 4 TDs to Eli Manning.  After DeMarco Murray softens them up, Romo should rip the Redskins. 

Dan’s Chalkboard:  The Redskins may be the first team to keep Murray under100 yards rushing.  They may also have to put 9 in the box to do it.  This shall leave lots of room to air it out.  Nice pick. 


Dan’s QBs:

Alex Smith ($6,000):  I can’t believe I am putting this name down.  St. Louis seems determined weekly to stop the run, and give up everything through the air.  What the heck, I am taking this flyer.  I can see Charles taking dump passed to the house.  The addition of Travis Kelce opens up the passing game.  And am I really about to say this too… but it looks like Dwayne Bowe may have put the “Peace Pipe” away for a little while.  This will be the only week I mention Alex Smith…I am sure of it.    

Nick’s Chalkboard:  Smith is the consummate game manager, he can run the ball when he needs to, and if the Rams have a chance, they will have to stack the box to stop Charles.  Smith is a nice safe pick and there is no reason he should not match or exceed his 16 FFPG average.  Not a bad pick to free up a ton of cap space.


Drew Brees ($8100):  Hate to say it, but I think my Pack are going to run into a buzz saw in Nawlins this week.  Coming off of a heartbreaking loss to Detroit they head home ticked off and looking for punishment.  The Saints’ are 2-0 at home this year and Brees’ likes shootouts.  44 – 57 – 45 – 35 – 40 - 42?  No, not the winning Lotto numbers, those are Brees’ passing attempts this year.

Nick’s Chalkboard:  Can’t argue with this pick, Brees is due and there will be a ton of points scored in this game.  If Graham is even 75%, watch out.


Nick’s RBs:

Le’Veon Bell ($6,300): Bell is averaging 21 FFPG, and this with only scoring 2 TDs.  How you ask, well he not only runs the ball hard (599 yards this year), but is a major part of the passing game, with 36 catches for 339 yards.  Remember Draft Kings is a PPR scoring system so his 5+ receptions per game give him 5 points each and every game, that’s almost a TD.  Remember your FFChamps commandments: Know Thy Scoring System.  This week he gets the Colts who are in the middle of the pack against the run, but ranked 28th against pass catching running backs.  For only $6,300, I will be ringing the Bell this week.

Dan’s Chalkboard:  He is a beast by air and ground.  Love the workload he is getting right now.  Hard to believe he is only $6300, but his price was set before his Monday Night Show.  Only downfall is he will be heavily owned in all contests.


Ben Tate ($4,600): Tate bounces back this week against the horrible Raiders run defense (ranked 29th).  If Crowell and West had shown the ability to get the job done last week (combined they had only 26 yards), Tate might have been in line for some snaps reduction, but he should continue to be the feature back in the Browns run heavy offense, and should be good for a solid performance at home.  I like Tate for 50/50 and H2H contests more than GPPs (big hint here Dan).

Dan’s Chalkboard:  You’re reaching on this one.  The Jaguars were bad against the run as well last week.  The loss of their star center Alex Mack is hurting their running game.  H2H and 50/50 are supposed to be safer picks and Tate and the Cleveland running attack have risk written all over it.  Put him in our H2H and I will thank you come Monday.


Marshawn Lynch ($7,100): Beast Mode has “struggled” the last two weeks, but just in time comes the Panthers who have allowed a total of 1094 total yards (rush & receiving) to RBs this year.  With now Percy Harvin, the Seahawks should turn to their main man to gouge the Panthers on the ground and as he is seeing more action in the passing game, should also see more screens and in the flat passes that had been going to Harvin.  I definitely see a return to a 20+ fantasy day for Lynch this week.

Dan’s Chalkboard:  Were not on the same page this week in the RB department Nick.  Has the Super Bowl Hangover hit Seattle?  I think so.  Lynch is great in close games or with a lead, and that doesn’t seem to be the case with Seattle on a weekly basis.  A road trip to Carolina does not an answer make.   


Dan’s RBs:

Doug Martin ($4400):  I tweeted the Buccaneers this week with a simple request.  Please bring back the “Muscle Hamster” so he can “Teach me how to Dougie!!”  I’m sure it will work.  If they don’t understand my tweet then I am sure he will get a bunch of touches now that he is fully healthy against a beatable Viking run defense.  Hey Nick, let’s put Doug Martin against Ben Tate in our H2H.

Nick’s Chalkboard:  Challenge accepted, Tate is in (Flex).  Tampa Bay, Doug Martin, what?!?!?!?!  Just can’t see this.


LeSean McCoy ($5,800):  Man the Arizona Defense is great against the run.  Man the Arizona defense is great against receiving running backs.  Man am I going to enjoy passing fields of people in GPP contests when Shady does what he does.  He will have low ownership this week, and you know he will be getting his touches.  With a bye week to prepare and a great offensive minded coach, they will find ways to get him open in space.

Nick’s Chalkboard:  Absolutely no arguments here.  I especially like Shady if Sproles is limited which I think he will be.  I actually have him in a lineup….I loved his salary.


Lamar Miller ($6,000):  The Jaguars looked good against the run versus a team that just lost their star center.  It’s back to reality this week against a good O-line and ground game in Miami.  Miller will be getting the bulk of the carries and could have had his numbers trumped up last week if not for an unfortunate holding call that negated a second TD. 

Nick’s Chalkboard:  Miller is now the man in Miami and Jacksonville is still Jacksonville.  Good pick Dan.



Nick’s WRs:

Dez Bryant ($6,900): When I saw this price for Dez I started drooling.  The Redskins are in the bottom third against WRs, Romo and Dez are on the same page and the Cowboys are rolling.  Lock it up!!!!!  With Romo at $7,400 and Dez at $6,900, this is an obvious stack for only $14,300.  Bryant should be in all your lineups, Cash and GPPs.

Dan’s Chalkboard:  I completely agree with this pick.  The Redskins will be determined to stop the run, and Bryant will see plenty of action. 


Marques Colston ($5,000): Brees discovered Colston again, Check. The Saints and the Packers are going to put a ton of points on the board, Check.  The Saints and Colston are at home in the Dome, Check.  Colston is cheap at $5,000, Check.  Put him in your line up.  If Graham is close to or at 100%, Colston’s value drops a bit, but if on Sunday morning the injury report indicates that Graham could still be limited, feel real good about Colston.

Dan’s Chalkboard:  Oh man.  I refuse to buy into the Colston story.  It’s not just him; it’s Drew Brees’ ability to spread the ball around too.  He was it last week, but doubtful he will come close to a repeat this week.  Especially if Graham is back.  I can’t spend 5k on a guy that may only see three targets.


Jeremy Maclin ($5,500): Maclin is Nick Foles’ main target, the game against the Giants, notwithstanding.  Through six games Maclin has 60 targets and has averaged 16.4 FFPG.  Against the weak Cardinal secondary, Foles and Maclin should connect early and often resulting in a solid game for Maclin with real upside should he find the end zone.

Dan’s Chalkboard:  If the Cardinals are hurting it is in the secondary.  Let the name recognition of Patrick Peterson fool everyone else, he has been underperforming this year.  Love this pick.


Dan’s WRs:

Michael Floyd ($4800):  Carson Palmer returns and Floyd catches a TD pass in both games.  He was only targeted three times last week, but there should be no shortage of passes in what should be a high scoring air attack this week in Arizona.     

Nick’s Chalkboard:  Floyd will either do his 4 catches for 50 yards and a TD thing, or he will go off big time as Palmer keeps feeding him the ball.  Either way, he is definitely worth his cheap salary.


Randall Cobb ($7500):  Insert Jordy Nelson in here if you want, heck, play them both and I will have no problems with it.  I am taking Cobb because 1.) He is cheaper and 2.) I think the focus will be more on stopping Jordy than Cobb.  It will be a great show to watch come Sunday Night.

Nick’s Chalkboard:  The Packers are a frakking machine…Rodgers and his boys are hitting on all cylinders and the Saints don’t have the answer.  Both Jordy and Cobb are good for at least 20 points each.  Lock it up.


Brandon Marshall ($6100):  You ever hear the expression…”The squeaky wheel gets the grease”?  Well it’s an expression because it has happened time and again enough to be an expression.  Don’t worry about the backlash of Marshall’s chatter or lack of chatter toward Cutler.  They have known each other for years, and know how to get into each other’s heads to motivate.  I love it when a Prima Dona WR goes all crazy.  Give him the rock Cutler!!!

Nick’s Chalkboard:   I went down this road last week and got burned.  Marshall is a stud, but I fear he may end up on Revis Island, and I don’t care how much grease gets applied, Revis doesn’t slide off.  I actually like Jeffrey better in this matchup.


Nick’s TEs:

Owen Daniels ($4,100): The Bengals are dead last versus the TE.  Flacco likes throwing to Daniels and Kubiak (Offensive Coordinator) is known for suing his TEs.  Daniels is averaging 10 FFPG this year and when he gets in the end zone can score close to 20.  A nice value in the TE slot.

Dan’s Chalkboard:  No complaints here.  The Bengals are this year’s version of the 2013 Arizona Cardinals.  Doesn’t matter which TE it is, if they are playing the Bengals, plug him in.


Jordan Reed ($4,000): While the Cowboys defense has surprised this year, they are still terrible versus the TE, ranked 31st.  Reed is back and healthy and with Colt McCoy getting the nod this week for the Redskins, Reed will provide the security blanket that the young QB will need and should be targeting early and often.  Reed has a good floor of probably around 12 points (6 for 60), and should he find the end zone could be worth close to 18 or even 20 points should he break a couple of catches for some “yards after catch”.

Dan’s Chalkboard:  I had him as a top 5 TE this year before he got hurt.  If he can stay on the field he will finish the season as one.   Get him in your lineup before his price tag reflects his production. 


Dan’s TEs:

Travis Kelce ($3800):  He has some rib injury to deal with, but Andy Reid said it should be ok so I assume he is good-to-go.  St. Louis has been killed in the passing game as of late and Kelce is the Chiefs most athletic target.    

Nick’s Chalkboard:  I really like Kelce as a receiver, which he is, more than just a TE…he has a huge upside and the game is at ARROWHEAD!!!  Crank up the noise.


Jordan Cameron ($3700):  Cameron will continue to burn me if he underperforms at this price point.  I just can’t turn my head to a guy that can go for 100 yards and a score for $3700.  Get him the ball already Hoyer!!

Nick’s Chalkboard:  This one is all on the play calling.  Cleveland seems to want to just RUN, RUN, RUN, but I agree with Dan here, FREE JORDAN CAMERON!



Nick’s D/STs:

Minnesota Vikings ($2,600):  There are many safer plays for a D/ST this week, but in the GPPs I like the Vikings shot at putting up some major points against a Buccaneer offense that continues to be in disarray and according to Draft Kings’ ranking system is ranked 29th against opposing defenses.  This is a real hit or miss, but if the Vikings can put up another 15 points like they did last week or (dream a dream) match the 22 point performance in week 1, they could really move your lineup up the leaderboard in the big GPPs.

Dan’s Chalkboard:  Not sure I like the idea of taking a flyer on a Defense against a team coming off of a bye week and at home.  You’re on your own here Nick. 


Kansas City Chiefs ($2800):  The Chiefs should have no problems with Austin Davis at Arrowhead come Sunday.  I don’t understand why they are so cheap.  I don’t need to understand though, I just need to plug them in.  So should you.

Nick’s Chalkboard:  The Seahawks may have the 12th man (sorry Texas A & M, look it up, the Aggies originated this), but the Chiefs have ARROWHEAD!  I like the pick. 

That is what we have for this week.  We both hope that some of our picks will help you out.  Remember with a little research and creativity you can create that perfect lineup that takes down the big bucks in this week’s HUGE, SPECTACULAR, Millionaire Maker contest.


Good Luck This Week!!

Perry04 & Beaudog (woof!)


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