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Thursday, 9 October 2014

If Brady Parts Ways With Patriots, Where Would He Land?

One of the lead stories in the NFL the past week has been the growing feud between Tom Brady and the Patriots’ organization. It came as a shock to most when they heard that the NFL’s most successful franchise the past 15 years is having internal trouble. It happens more often than you may think, but this one is unique because of the fact it’s the Patriots.

The Patriots on the outside looking in appeared to be the model franchise, along with the San Antonio Spurs of the NBA, in all of sports. It still is a great organization, but could change be coming to the New England Patriots sooner rather than later?

Tom Brady displayed his disgust with the lack of player moves the Patriots have made the past few years. Brady has even taken pay cuts to help the team add pieces to help win more Super Bowls. Instead of adding, the Patriots have seemed to lose valuable pieces and to rival teams to make it worse.

Wes Welker was Brady’s favorite target for years and he not only got away, but went to join his rival Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. He has not seen the Patriots add a real deep threat down field that could make a season changing difference since the team signed Randy Moss in the mid 2000’s.

If the Patriots hope to have any chance at winning a Super Bowl in Brady’s last few seasons they must be more proactive in adding pieces that matter. So, I raise the question if Brady and the Patriots somehow have an ugly breakup and it all goes south what team best suits Brady for the last few years in his career?

I have thought about this question and the one team I feel would be great for Brady would be the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs have exactly what Brady needs to get another Super Bowl before he retires.

Here is how I came to this conclusion of choosing the Chiefs as Brady’s best option. The Chiefs have wide receivers that could become pro bowl talent with Brady leading the way. Dwayne Bowe is a star wide out from LSU that has elite speed and with Brady those two could become a dynamic duo.

The next thing is Brady would have one of the best running games in the NFL supporting him. Jamaal Charles is one of the NFL’s best running backs and this would take so much pressure off of Brady and vise versa.

The final thing is the Chiefs have one of the best coaches the NFL has seen in the past two decades. Andy Reid came over from the Eagles and instantly made Kansas City contenders. He led the Chiefs to the playoffs last year in a year that little to nothing was expected of them.

The Chiefs did this with Alex Smith leading the way and could you imagine the offensive machine this team would be if Brady came in to lead the way. Yes it would be another horrible moment in the career of Alex Smith, but the NFL is a business and if you can get Brady you take him.

The Chiefs also have a defense that is one of the NFL’s best. Brady, during his Super Bowl years, had amazing defenses and once again he would have a fast and athletic defense in Kansas City. The situation just seems perfect for Brady.

There are a couple of ironic things related to the Chiefs being the best landing spot for Brady however. First off, the Chiefs were the team Brady went down to in week one of the 2008 season with a serve leg injury.

The irony of that speaks for itself and an injury that in all honesty began the downfall of the Patriots dynasty.

The next ironic part is that his rival, Peyton Manning, also went to the AFC West to end his career. Manning, after basically being left for nothing by the Colts, went to the Broncos and has set NFL record left and right.

He has led the Broncos to a Super Bowl and has had some of the greatest years of his career with Denver. Brady could look at this and think maybe I could do that same thing to and join Andy Reid to duplicate what Manning and the Broncos have done the past three seasons.

This is obviously just a rhetorical idea, but the idea for diehard fans of Brady has to be intriguing. Just as Manning fans followed him to Denver, the same would be done for Brady and the Chiefs. I believe the Chiefs would become an instant success if Brady was to join them, but at this point the idea of this is just a fantasy.

The drama between Brady and the Patriots seems too grow each week, but if it slowly dies in an ugly breakup the spot for Brady could be in Kansas City.

The sports world of Kansas City is at an all-time high with the Royals in the playoffs for the first time since 1985 and the thought of Brady coming to town is like Christmas. KC is the place to be currently and Brady could be saying the same thing before too long.


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