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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Keep, Trade or Drop The Seahawks Defense?

What the Cowboys did week 6 in Seattle was more than beat the Seahawks at home, they deflated the magic balloon that surrounded them. THEY ARE BEATABLE. Take that in, accept it and realize the defense you drafted maybe in the 6th, 7th, 8th round is not what you thought you were getting. The Seahawks as a defensive/special teams unit has scored a total of 17 points.

Week 1 - 8

Week 2 - -3

Week 3 - 5

Week 4 - Bye

Week 5 - 2

Week 6 - 9

Week 7 - -4

17 whopping points. That breaks down to less then 3 points per week from the once legion of boom. 

There are 18 defenses available on my waiver wire. Two of them, one of which was on bye week 7 leaving only one team that scored less points then the Seattle Seahawks in week 7. Read that again if need be and soak it up. 18 teams available, 16 defenses scored more points than the Seahawks week 7. Any other position, any other defense and the answer is a swift drop. No questions asked, drop. Not the Seahawks though at least not for me. If I drop the Hawks, one of the 9 other teams in my league will pick up them up no doubt in my mind. If that's the case then I have to think trade. 

What's the value of the Seattle Seahawks defense? Anything? A little something? Do I need to package something in to get something back? How about Seattle defense and Jordan Mathews for Darren McFadden?

McFadden’s line is 1,12,5,7,bye,8,10.  A tad over 7 points a week average. 

Seattle let's call it 3 points a week for easy sake. Mathews 3,1,17,2,3,5 for an average of 5. 

Looks like Seattle + 3 and Mathews + 5 for McFadden +7 is a pretty fair deal. 

What if Seattle gets it together though? They play at SF week 13, at Philadelphia week 14, back home for SF week 15, at AriZona week 16 finishing with St. Louis at home. That's nasty. Listen to me know, put out a couple feelers on Seattle straight up for something or package with someone and get away from the Seahawks. Make a trade fast. 

Become a defensive streamer. Grab the Colts and actually score some points from your defense. Hope that the other owners in your league haven’t' read this ( I'm almost positive no one has) and make a move, NOW.



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