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Monday, 6 October 2014

Sat, 04 Oct 2014 04:00:00 GMT

This past Saturday, October 4, 2014 the world of college football experienced possibly its greatest day ever as a sport. The twists, turns, upsets, classics and pure excitement that the game gave fans will forever be remembered by anyone who was associated with the game of college football.

As a diehard fan of the sport my entire life and now someone fortunate enough to write about the game of college football to a national audience I cannot remember a day that provided so many great matchups, exciting moments and dramatic endings around the country.

It was a day that as a fan of the game we all dream about witnessing. We wait all winter, spring and summer missing the game of college football and just imagine those Saturdays where it is college football in the air from sun up to sun down. We dream of classics all day, crazy finishes and upsets every time we turnaround.

This past Saturday we got just that and so much more. It was a day that wasn’t only great it was historically great in so many ways.

This past Saturday was the first time since 1990 that four of the top six in the AP Poll lost on the same weekend. The drama started late Thursday night when Arizona defeated number two Oregon in Eugene, Oregon. It was the third time since the 2007 season that Arizona defeated a top five ranked Oregon Ducks’ team.

Little did we know after that upset we were in for the most historic weekend of upsets ever in the sport of college football that dates back to November 6, 1869.

The day was set up to be a classic now that we sit back and recall what took place. First off, the college football pregame show we all love “College Gameday” made their first appearance in the show’s history to “The Grove” in Oxford, Mississippi.

The show lived up to the hype with a packed grove and an electric atmosphere that only a college football Saturday can provide. As if the pregame festivities weren’t exciting enough the game lived up to the hype and was an instant classic.

The Rebels trailed 14-3 at halftime and made a comeback for the ages leading to a classic winning drive by Ole Miss’ quarterback Bo Wallace. The Ole Miss Rebel’s missed the extra point twice and we all thought Ole Miss will lose by one point in typical Ole Miss fashion.

The Crimson Tide marched right down the field, but had a potential game tying touchdown pass intercepted in a defensive play for the ages by Ole Miss. The play was originally called incomplete, but after review it was correctly overturned which sent the crowd into a state of crazy like never before and Nick Saban’s headset came off in disgust.

Ole Miss defeated Alabama 23-17 in an instant classic and was the icing on the cake that was the greatest college football Saturday ever. The Ole Miss crowd rushed the field, tore down the goal posts and would proceed to carry the goal posts through the streets of Oxford, Mississippi.

It was a scene that only college football can provide and something I know I will never forget. As a writer and diehard fan of this game you live for moments like this and even more so for days like this. This is something we have never seen before throughout the entire landscape of college football in one day.

I mentioned earlier how this was the first time since 1990 that four of the top six teams in the AP Poll all lost on the same weekend. We thought that was the only history that could possibly be made, but the action went deep into the night to cap off what was a classic day of football.

The night wrapped up with number eight UCLA losing in the Rose Bowl to Utah. This loss for UCLA meant that five of the top eight teams in the AP Poll all lost on the same weekend.

This is something that has NEVER happened before in the sport of college football. This was the first weekend ever that five of the top eight teams all lost.

Let’s put that into perspective for a moment. The AP Poll began in 1936 and never before until this past Saturday has five of the top eight lost. It was absolute chaos wherever you turned on Saturday and it was nonstop from Noon to well after two on the east coast.

This was a day that I will never forget and I’m sure I speak for most college football fans when I say that. It was a day that was hyped up all summer and the early part of the season. This past Saturday didn’t live up to the hype oh no, it tore down the door of hype then came back out to tear that door of hype down repeatedly.

Saturday, October 4, 2014 will go down as the most historic day ever for upsets in college football. It’s something we dream about happening to provide excitement to the game, but what we, as fans, got this past weekend was something that was a gift from God.

It was amazing, electric and any other feeling that is humanly possible to feel. It’s a type of day that we may never see again in our lifetime, but we certainly should be thankful to say we were alive to witness the one amazing day where the sport of college football showed why it is the greatest in the world.

It was a day that a million words couldn’t describe, so the best way and only way to sum it up is with this, October 4, 2014 was the greatest college football Saturday, ever.


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