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Monday, 6 October 2014

The 8 Hottest College Football Sideline Reporters

When I was in college 20 years ago, this wasn't even an issue. Jack Arute or some young college graduate walked along the sidelines in a polyester jacket, looking to give us all some "insight" into what was happened away from the field.

Not anymore.

Long ago, Phyllis George and Jayne Kennedy were television hosts on The NFL Today on CBS - which was ground breaking back then. Seeing a male on the sideline, giving us stats and injury reports in today's college game is an anooly these days.

The sideline reporter has become a crucial to the game being called as the men (and women) calling the play-by-play. In this case, the sideline reporter is more important than the cheerleaders of the band at half time. Not only are they mostly young and very attractive, they know their stuff and could call a game from start to finish if called upon.

The game has moved on and the fact college football need to add sex appeal to its broadcasts has not gone lost on any network by any means. The more channels covering college football, the greater the chance to see another pretty face on the sidelines.

Here are a look at eight of the hottest sideline reporters in the game today.


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