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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

New York Jets v Kansas City Chiefs: 3 Things We Learned

The New York Jets traveled to Arrowhead Stadium to play the Kansas City Chiefs.  No one expected the current incarnation of the Jets to win.  Expectations were met.  And still there were lessons to be learned.  Here are three things we learned  from the game.

3. The New York Jets front line got outplayed by the Kansas City Chiefs front seven

While the Jets season is in a tailspin, the bright spot was the defense, specifically the front seven.  Were they overrated, too much optimism? 

But at the end of the game it was the Chiefs' defense that was the bright shining spot.  Specifically linebacker Justin Houston.  Houston completed the game with four tackles.  More importantly, he also had two sacks.  Both sacks came at the expense of the elusive Michael Vick.  Those two sacks bring Houston's season total to 12 sacks.

2. There was an Eric Decker sighting

Was it the change of quarterback?  Decker was targeted 12 times.  He caught nine passes for 63 yards and one touchdown.  That's one more touchdown than he had in the last two weeks.  That was one less target than Percy Harvin.  It isn't gang-busters, but it is a start. 

1. Michael Vick is a viable option

When Michael Vick's head bounced off the ground in the fourth quarter, Jets nation whispered "I told you so".  But then after going through the NFL's concussion protocal, Vick returned.  He not only returned but he has been named the starter for next week's game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. 

In the game Vick passes for 196 yards, one touchdown and zero interceptions.  Yea, he is the better option.  Now if he can only stay healthy.


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