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Thursday, 6 November 2014

NFL's Ten At Ten: The Best Ten Teams Entering Week Ten

The NFL season has surpassed its midway point and the chase to the playoffs has begun to get serious. We enter week ten of the NFL season this coming weekend and we have just about finished separating the contenders from the pretenders this season.

Week ten of the NFL season means we are just a couple weeks away from being done with bye weeks for all 32 teams and the playoff chase really hits high gear. I want to take a look at the top ten teams in the NFL as we enter week ten.

There have been surprises throughout the league, as there is every year, but this year that seems to happen on a weekly basis. In a league like the NFL where parity is so common it makes for great discussions as to who are the best teams in the league.

Here are our top ten at ten. Week ten of the season is here and this is who we see as the best ten teams in the NFL so far in 2014.

10. Cincinnati Bengals

9. Seattle Seahawks

8. Green Bay Packers

7. Dallas Cowboys

6. Indianapolis Colts

5. Philadelphia Eagles

4. Pittsburgh Steelers

3. Denver Broncos

2. Arizona Cardinals

1. New England Patriots

So, here is how I see the NFL’s top ten teams as we enter week ten. It is still a long way to go until we reach crunch time, but these ten teams appear to be the cream of the crop in this 2014 NFL season.

The Patriots dominant performance over the Broncos got them the top spot with the Cardinals right behind them just missing out being number one. The favorites to reach Super Bowl 49, as of now, would appear to be the Patriots and Cardinals.

It has been a great season so far and it is sure to get only better as we get closer to playoff time. The 2014 NFL season has been a mystery waiting to be solved, but these ten teams have found a way to navigate their way into our top ten NFL teams entering week ten.


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