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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Rams Sack Niners: 3 Things We Learned

Even though The 49ers were able to beat The Rams two weeks ago in a great rallying comeback, due to an off night for some key 49ers players, mixed with a great Rams defense and one bad fumble, The Rams came away with the win 13-10. The following are three things we learned from tonight's game.


1. Phil Dawson's missed field goal

With only seconds to go before the half, Dawson, who had already made a field goal earlier in the game, missed a crucial field goal just before the half from the 37 yard line. Phil Dawson, the veteran kicker was one of a few vital 49ers players who were having an off night.


2. The Rams Defense

Among the list of great defensive plays by the Rams tonight. #55 James Laurinaitis was not only able to sack Kaepernick, but also got the last posession of the ball by recovering Kaepernick's fumble. The defense was able to get a total of 8 sacks on Kaepernick tonight, and only allowed one touchdown and one field goal.


3. Colin Kaepernick Fumbles

Colin Kaepernick clearly had an off night as well. Among having a passing rating of 22/33 and rushing only 14 yards, Kaepernick also fumbled the ball three times. The last fumble being the most crucial, with only seconds left in the game, and the 49ers down by only a field goal. Last year alone Kaepernick only had 3 fumbles, and he rushed for an average of 32.8 yards a game. This was clearly not Kaepernick's night.

The Rams and the 49ers now both move on 4-5.


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