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Friday, 5 December 2014

Florida State Falls to Fourth in Recent CFP Rankings

It’s hard to believe that a team that has won 28 straight games, is the undisputed reigning national champion in college football and the only undefeated team in the Big 5 college conferences and the Florida State Seminoles do not get the love they deserve from the College Football Playoff Committee.

After standing pat at the third slot in the CFP rankings for the past few weeks, Florida State took a step backward to fourth this week, being leapfrogged by TCU.

Alabama and Oregon remained first and second in the poll which helps to determine the top four teams to compete in the national title playoff.

This does not seem as much of an SEC bias, which has been a claim of late by fans and media types, as much as it seems it is an anti-FSU bias.

Even though the team is winning in come from behind or less than impressive fashion, it is hard to argue with 28 straight wins and a national title on the resume of FSU head coach, Jimbo Fisher.

For the past few weeks, Florida State has watched teams with one loss jump it in the playoff rankings and this week it was TCU. The Horned Frogs, who were No. 5 last week, checked in at No. 3 this week after a sound win against Texas on Thanksgiving night. That effort along with Mississippi State’s loss to Ole Miss and Florida State’s close win against Florida were enough to empower the committee to launch the Horned Frogs up two spots and into a seemingly immovable position. If TCU beats Iowa State this weekend — and wins the way it should — the Horned Frogs are in the playoff.

Yahoo Sports took this story a step further. Is it possible off-field issues on the FSU campus may be the reasons voters – 13 strong – that has kept FSU from moving up, not down, in the polls?

Committee chairman Jeff Long suggested that an undefeated Florida State team would not drop out of the top four, but what if it struggles against Georgia Tech in the ACC Championship this weekend? That’s a very real possibility given that the Yellow Jackets are coming off an upset of Georgia and are playing about as well defensively as any team in the country right now. Also, Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston is embroiled in a student code of conduct hearing this week, which could have implications on his eligibility long term and is likely creating a bit of a distraction short term.

The best way for FSU to remain in the playoff and on the minds of the voters is to win out.



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