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Sunday, 18 January 2015

Dallas Cowboys: Three New Year's Resolutions For 2015

The 12-4 season by the Dallas Cowboys might be the most surprising story of the 2014 season. This franchise was expected to be one of the worst this season, especially with a defense that could not stop anyone in 2013.

Anyone who bet on the Cowboys turning the corner is pretty rich right now, and if the team stay intact and continues to find complimentary players to build the team for the future, there is a chance the ‘Boys will be back in the postseason for the next few years.

Dallas has to do with its own in-house issues with free agents and the concern that another injury could further damage Tony Romo.

The quarterback who has had back issues the past two years played his best football this season, but another back injury could prove to be career-threatening.

With a new year comes new expectations. Here is a look at three resolutions this team should follow through with if it is to make the playoff again and compete for a Super Bowl.


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