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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Super Bowl 2015: 5 Reasons Why The Patriots Will Prevail

New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady1. DARRELLE REVIS AND PATRIOTS’ SECONDARY  – Darrelle Revis can effectively shadow an opposing team’s best receivers across all formations and has taken New England’s pass defense to a new level. Whoever he covers will be effectively eliminated - and “Revis Island” can be just about anywhere. Revis, along with fellow cornerbacks Brandon Browner, Logan Ryan, and Kyle Arrington, will be more than enough of a match for the weak Seattle WR corps. Add the elite, over the top coverage of safety Devin McCourty, and Seattle won't be making many plays through the air. 

2. THE PATRIOTS’ SPECIAL TEAMS: New England’s special teams creates turnovers, scores touchdowns, limits big opposing plays, and is considered one of if not the best in the league. Should the Seahawks slip up (ex: fumbling the ball on a kickoff in their winning game against Green Bay), the Pats ferocious ST unit will be eagerly waiting to give the ball back to the offense. One mistake could be the difference here, and blundering against this ST unit could cost Seattle the game. 

3. TOM BRADY – Brady has been on fire since the Patriots’ crushing loss to Kansas City in Week 4, when media critics announced the end of the “Belichick-Brady Era.” Now, amid the heat of “deflategate,” Brady again has something to prove - and the skill, determination, and team weaponry to do it.  

4. NEW ENGLAND’S PASS GAME – The best way to take down Seattle is by picking them apart with short passes and quick routes: a specialty of receivers Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola. With their O-line's pass blocking rejuvenated, the Pats will stick to short-to-medium passing plays -- exactly what the Seahawks struggle to defend.

5. BELICHICK CAN OUTSCHEME CARROLL – A fourth Super Bowl win would only cement the Belichick-Brady legacy, but don’t count on many risk-taking trick plays from BB. If a strategy is working Belichick will stay with it – and if not, New England’s facility for half time adjustments is second to none. With a record 21 playoff wins to Carroll’s 7, it's safe bet Belichick will end up beating Pete Carroll on the coaching front and continue to prove why he is one of the best to ever coach in this league. 


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