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Monday, 9 February 2015

Giving Each NFL Team a Percentage Chance of Winning Super Bowl 50

We are just over a week removed from Super Bowl 49 Sunday and thoughts of the 2015 season is already on the minds of people. We just witnessed one of, if not, the greatest Super Bowls ever and when a season ends on such a high note it only leaves us craving more football.

The ultimate goal and prize in professional football is obviously winning the Super Bowl and holding the prestigious Lombardi Trophy in the air as confetti falls down onto the field. The New England Patriots are the envy of the league, as they were the ones that had that honor last week.

Now it’s time to start looking ahead, well let’s be honest, way ahead at this point, to who we feel will be the Patriots of 2015 and be crowned Super Bowl 50 champions next February.

I have decided to give all 32 teams a percentage chance of winning Super Bowl 50 next season. Each team will get a percentage and in the end the percentage of all 32 teams will equal 100. In the offseason, every team feels they will be the team that makes the right moves that allows them to win the Super Bowl and change the course of their franchise’s history forever.

So, without further delay here are the percentages we give each of the 32 NFL teams of winning Super Bowl 50 next season.


Arizona Cardinals- 4 percent

Chicago Bears – 3 percent

Green Bay Packers- 7 percent

New York Giants- 2 percent

Detroit Lions- 3 percent

Washington Redskins- 2 percent

Philadelphia Eagles- 6 percent

Pittsburgh Steelers- 4 percent

St. Louis Rams- 2 percent

San Francisco 49ers- 3 percent

Cleveland Browns- 1 percent

Indianapolis Colts- 4 percent

Dallas Cowboys- 4 percent

Kansas City Chiefs- 3 percent

San Diego Chargers- 4 percent

Denver Broncos- 6 percent

New York Jets- 1 percent

New England Patriots- 8 percent

Oakland Raiders- 2 percent

Tennessee Titans- 2 percent

Buffalo Bills- 2 percent

Minnesota Vikings- 2 percent

Atlanta Falcons- 2 percent

Miami Dolphins- 2 percent

New Orleans Saints- 3 percent

Cincinnati Bengals- 3 percent

Seattle Seahawks- 6 percent

Tampa Bay Buccaneers- 1 percent

Carolina Panthers- 2 percent

Jacksonville Jaguars- 1 percent

Baltimore Ravens- 3 percent

Houston Texans- 2 percent

So there you have it, the percentage we give all 32 NFL teams of taking home the Super Bowl 50 Lombardi Trophy. At this point in the offseason the odds are very close on a lot of teams, but as the offseason progresses these percentages will obviously change dramatically.

The favorites at this point would have to be the Patriots, Seahawks, Eagles, Colts and Cowboys based of their seasons in 2014. True, the Eagles didn’t make the playoffs last season, but I see their team as one to be right in contention in 2015.

This is our list as of February 2015, so let the debating, arguing and disagreeing begin.


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