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Friday, 24 April 2015

Notre Dame Football: The 2015 'Shirt' And What History Says

Since 1990, the unveiling of the commemorative t-shirt for the upcoming football season has sparked a seperate kind of hype apart from the actual goins on at Notre Dame Stadium.

Many see it as a way to kick-off things and proclaim a fresh start to hopefully brighter seasons.

It's hype video's stamped to cotton.

But is there evidence as to what will actually transpire where win's and losses go for the football team based on the shirt itself?



Here's a look at what has transpired over the years since the inception of what is now known simply as "The Shirt".

There have been 11 versions of the shirt in a green scheme- 2nd most.

The majority of the colors came in the 2000's, with little success from those teams.

But in the short span of the 90's where the shirt was revealed in green, the Irish found some success under Lou Holtz- with records of 9-3 in 1990, 10-1-1 in 1992 and 8-3 in 1996.

The best year for the green shirt outside of 1992 was a 10-3 run in 2002.

The worst record since the design of the shirt was 2007 when Charlie Weis and the Irish fell to a dismal 3-9 record- in green.

Overall in green, the Irish were 83-49-2.

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Versions of the blue shirt saw Notre Dame at it's best, and it's most printed color scheme.

The blue version kicked off a championship season in 2012.

Records of 10-3 in 1991, 11-1 in 1993, 10-3 in 2006 and two 9-3 season's in 1995 and 1998 stamped blue as an obvious choice if the Irish season was based on what color fans where wearing that year.

The blue version has been equally doned in the 90's and 2000's.

Overall in a blue version, the Irish were 102-49.

(Of note: the original shirt was first revealed in green, with a blue print that followed game day.)

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The yellow or gold versioned tee was only printed in 2005 and 2009 with a combined record of 15-9.

1998 - Back

The single grey print in 1998 saw Notre Dame role to a 9-3 record.

The 2015 Shirt:

Odds say it will again be a blue version if history has anything to do with it, or the actual colors of Notre Dame being blue and gold.

Of note is that a version in white has yet to be introduced.




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