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Thursday, 9 April 2015

Patriot Priorities For 2015: Adrian Peterson Should Be A Patriot

I'm out of my mind, right? Nobody is mentioning the New England Patriots in conjunction with Adrian Peterson, and that is the beauty of the proposition. He wants out of Minnesota, and the word is that Dallas and Arizona may not want to sacrifice for a 30 year old running back with over 10,000 yards on his legs.

Regardless of his status with the Vikings, the question of money may not be that big of a deal. His contract was worth about 15 million a year, but he is damaged goods right now. If he has to sweat it out without a definite home as the off-season wears along, Peterson might become the desperate party.

And if Minnesota releases him, he is fair game. But even in a trade scenario, what is he worth? A second or third round pick? Remember his age, his mileage, and his past (though only recently an issue)... and then think of what he has to prove.

This makes perfect sense!

Bill Belichick has a history of taking washed-up, malcontent, issue-infected players and making them into virtual heroes. Corey Dillon was practically out of the league when the Pats scooped him up and rode his legs to a championship. Randy Moss was wearing his welcome thin with yet another team when he came in and nearly flew the team to a fourth title.

And right now, hanging by a thread from the same roster from which he was cut a year ago, is LeGarrette Blount, suspended for the second time in his life as a football player, first for fighting in college, and then for substance abuse (for which the Steelers released him mid-season 2014).

The Patriots and Belichick are no strangers to problem children. Who knew that the #2 TE on the team would be indicted for murder? Yet they got their money's-worth from Hernandez if only for a short time and promptly sut him loose.

The best part of the deal is the huge spike in production that AP would bring to the offense. Pick your poison; do you defend Brady or Peterson? And Mr. Peterson isn't a horrible pass-catcher out of the backfield either.

Yeah, there is one problem:

The Patriots are not in a good cap situation. Cuts would have to be made. There are some bodies that could and should be sacrificed to make room, and maybe a few more restructures/extensions...

All that dead money from guys like Revis really hurt the situation, but if any front office can pull it off, it's Kraft and Belichick. Heck, even trading out of the first round saves a little money.

The bottom line is that Adrian Peterson would be good for the Patriots, and the Patriots would be good for him. Once his image is repaired (think less money for his transgression may make him a bargain for now) things will probably change and younger legs will take his place.

But I, for one, want to see this happen in 2015. Adrian Peterson in a Patriot uniform- oh, please, football gods!


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