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Saturday, 25 April 2015

Philadelphia Eagles 2015 Schedule: Game by Game Predictions

For these predictions let's assume Sam Bradford is the quarterback.  That gives the Philadelphia Eagles, what roughly six games with a bona fide starter?  But it's Chip Kelly's system right?  Anyone can be in there. You listening Tim Tebow?

Week 1: Philadelphia Eagles v Atlanta Falcons----L 24-31

The Falcons were bad last year.  And even bad they had the fifth ranked passing attack.  The Eagles secondary ranked in the bottom last season against the pass.  Yes, they improved during free agency, but this is the first game of the season. 

Week 2: Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles---W 27-17

I like revenge games.  And a revenge game in the City of Brotherly Love, it can't get much better.  Look for DeMarco Murray to prove Jerry Jones wrong.  Look for the revamped Eagles' secondary to gel a little better.  And we all know that Tony Romo when pressed can be extremely helpful to the other team.

Week 3: Philadelphia Eagles v New York Jets---L 7-17

The Jets defense has the potential to be scary good.  Last year with a porous secondary their defense still ranked sixth overall in total yards allowed.  Now they have a secondary to match their front seven. 

Yep the Jets offense even with the addition of Brandon Marshall is suspect.  But look for the defense to count for a touchdown against the Eagles. 

Week 4: Philadelphia Eagles v Washington ---W 31-10

Have absolutely no confidence in Washington, even though they play well against the Eagles.  The Eagles secondary will expose Robert Griffin III and his deficiencies.  This may be the game RGIII is permanently benched. 

Week 5: New Orleans Saints v Philadelphia Eagles---W 28-3

The Saints aren't very good away from home.  And that was when they had really good offensive weapons.  With their offensive weapons going away and their apparent new found reliance on a run game, Drew Brees can only do so much, it won't be enough.  And with a Saints defense ranked 31st in yards allowed last year, it is just what Murray needs to shine.

Week 6: New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles---W 31-14

With much respect to Odell Beckham Jr., the Giants haven't done much to improve a defense ranked 30th against the run.  Hello Murray and perhaps Tebow time?  Even without mighty Tim, there is still Ryan Mathews and Darren Sproles to expose the Giants weakness. 

Let Beckham make his herculean catches, as long as the secondary keeps him out of the end zone. 

Week 7: Philadelphia Eagles v Carolina Panthers---W 21-3

The Panthers still haven't added good offensive line weapons to protect quarterback Cam Newton.  Nor have they added enough offensive skill players to help Newton.  No help equals a continuation of the domination of the Eagles over the Panthers.

Week 8: BYE

Week 9: Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys---W 17-14

It will be a closer game.  But coming off a bye week helps.  Murray will still shine maybe more so. But yeah, the Eagles sweep the 'Boys this year.

Week 10: Miami Dolphins v Philadelphia Eagles---L 21-31

Ndamukong Suh is a difference maker.  The match-up isn't ideal for the Eagles.  Quarterback Ryan Tannehilll is getting the hang of the game.  Their running game can be formidable with Lamar Miller.  And yes, Suh will make the Eagles' fans looking towards next week.

Week 11: Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Philadelphia Eagles---W 28-3

So will this be Mariota versus Jameis Winston?  It doesn't matter.  The Buccaneers were bad last year.  I adore Lovie Smith so this hurts, but they won't be that much better this year, regardless of who is under center. 

Week 12: Philadelphia Eagles v Detroit Lions---L 28-31

Short week and a Thanksgiving Day's game on the road.  Eagles may be the better team and we know they won't have expended too much the game before.  Still, who is going to stop the Mathew Stafford to Calvin Johnson reception machine?

Week 13: Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots---L 21-35

This is more Chip Kelly versus Bill Belichick.  And the student learns from the master.  Yep, I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Week 14: Buffalo Bills v Philadelphia Eagles---L 17-21

Who doesn't think that LeSean McCoy is not salivating for this game? 

McCoy will carry the Bills to a win.   Any chance the Bills will then carry him off on their shoulders?

Week 15: Arizona Cardinals v Philadelphia Eagles---L 21-24

If Carson Palmer is still under center the Cardinals win this one.  If the Cardinals are playing revolving quarterbacks then it's an Eagles win.  The teams play each other tight.  Palmer is the difference.

Week 16: Washington v Philadelphia Eagles---W 24-3

The Eagles will be fighting for their playoff lives.  Washington will be looking for a reliable signal caller. 

Week 17: Philadelphia Eagles v New York Giants---W 34-31

This is a must win for the Eagles and their playoff hopes.  Last year they managed to beat the Giants in MetLife Stadium in the last game of the season.  Look for them to repeat the feat again.  Close game.  Beckham looks mortal.  Eagles defense looks formidable.

That gives the Eagles nine wins for the season.  Hopefully, for the Kelly experiment that will be enough to sneak into post season.

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