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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Texas A&M Football: The New and Improved Va Tech

Texas vs Texas A & M

Pre-1999, UVA was the football powerhouse in Virginia, with Va Tech as the “other” school.  Aaron Brooks, Thomas Jones, and just about every other legitimate talent went to UVA.  In fact, some Vick guy committed to Tech because his fellow district rival, Virginia Mr. Football and Basketball, Ronald Curry initially committed to UVA.  Then the unfortunate injury happened.  Much like Drew Bledsoe’s injury when Tom Brady relieved and retired him, Michael Vick entered the game to replace Tech’s injured starter.  And as the old cliché goes, the rest is history.  And further, the football balance of power shifted from UVA to Va Tech, yet to be relinquished.

In Texas, a similar shift has happened.  This is solely my opinion: UT Football will never be the same post Johnny Football.  Texas A & M has shifted the balance of power, a la Va Tech, and no indication leads that this will change for the foreseeable future.  Kevin Sullivan has amassed all of the top talent in Texas, and there is no academic pressure, much like UVA and Tech.  UVA is the academic school, and Tech is the party/engineer school.  At A & M, Johnny Manziel made football and life cool.  I can’t name the last Texas quarterbacks since Colt McCoy.  (Isn’t it some Swoopes guy?)

Vince Young had the work hard play hard mentality, but he’s 10 years ago.  It’s not Mack Brown’s fault that he didn’t recruit Manziel (who wants a 5’11 quarterback leading your team in the Big 12?); it’s a bad circumstance.  Manziel plus change/transition in Texas is why A & M will remain on top.  Charlie Strong will be a great coach, and will produce good teams, but they will remain the 2nd team in the state forever more. 


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