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Monday, 20 April 2015

Tim Tebow Finds A Roster For The First Time Since 2013

TebowI would just like to follow up on an article I wrote on January 12, 2012 about the one and only, Tim Tebow. 

My "bold" prediction that Tebow would be benched or beyond in the 2013 season came true much to many folks dismay- until now. Sir Tebow (soon to be knighted) is officially going to sign with the Eagles effective tomorrow. This will be the first time Tebow has been on a roster since 2013. The difference this time around is that it's quite obvious he has a tough road ahead to even make the 53-man roster, let alone serve as a back up. Not a chance he gets the starting job, even behind such pedestrian playmakers in Mark Sanchez and Sam Bradford.  

The mad scientist that is Chip Kelly just keeps on keeping on, in the words of Joe Dirt. Kelly and the Eagles have been the focal point of the offseason (along with the Bills) shocking everyone with their antics. His maniacal but intriguing transactions beckoned boatloads of publicitiy and general head-scratching. The signing of Tebow just adds to the Green Monster he's created. There's not a snowball's chance in Haiti we've seen the last of Kelly's offseason stunts. God only knows what tomfoolery he'll get himself into, including the potential trade-down in the draft. However, I don't believe he'll reach for his former duck Marcus Mariota as much as football matchmakers want to see it go down. 

As for Tebow, well I'm sure he's thanking Jesus and his lucky stars he pulled himself back into the realm of relevance again. I'm sure he's hungry to show Philly's personell that he's got what it takes. If he makes it to Week 1 and continues on, I fully expect Kelly to pull a fast one and throw him in the mix one way or another. 

As if the Eagles weren't demanding enough attention from the football world, they now have the cherry on top with the magical Tim Tebow.  



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