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Monday, 11 May 2015

Can Everett Golson Replace Jameis Winston?

It has been reported today that Everett Golson is likely to head down to Tallahassee and play for Coach Fisher and the Seminoles, reported earlier today by


“Barring a last-minute change of heart or any influence from elsewhere, [Florida State’s] where he’s headed,” one source said.


Golson has been looking at, and drawing some interest from South Carolina and Georgia. SEC rules state that the transfer would be ok if any student hasn’t been in trouble or suspended from their university in the past two years. Noting Golson was suspended for the entire 2013 season due to academic dishonesty. Coming to Tallahassee with prior suspension's or any other red flags is nothing new to the garnet and gold faithful after the run they have had the past two season's at the hands of first round overall pick Jameis Winston.


So what does Golson bring to the table for FSU? He is a solid runner, and could buy some time if the pocket were to collapse. This could be useful. FSU is replacing four linemen that went in the draft last week. Golson's leadership and veteran ways could be just what the Nole offense is looking for. Golson rushed for eight touchdown's also last year, and six during 2012 which he led Notre Dame to the BCS National Championship to face Alabama.



We all know he has the arm strength. Last season he showed some signs of nerves through out the season. Fumbling the ball on the run. Throwing pointless interceptions. He also made some great plays as well. He is surely the reason the Fighting Irish were undefeated when they faced FSU. Keep in mind that game also came down to a controversial last play. Golson threw all over the FSU defense that night, if ND won that game, that could’ve gave them the edge to make it to the playoff's.


If Golson does ultimately pick FSU, there will be a whole new outlook on the upcoming season. The coaching is miles apart compared to what he will get in Tallahassee. Not to disrespect Coach Kelly, but let's face it Coach Fisher is the top coach in the game right now. He doesn’t show any signs of moving over for anybody anytime soon. A quarterback with a national championship appearance, Heisman worthy accolades, and veteran leadership skills with some minor bad habits to fix. I’m sure Coach Fisher isn’t having any second thoughts about giving this kid a chance, and neither should the rest of Nole Nation.


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