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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

College Football's Not Top 10 For 2013: The 8 Worst Teams In The Land

For every team that overcomes odds and adversity during the college football season. We are so used to talking about the good teams on the NCAA landscape. This list is based on the opposite end of the spectrum.  These team defy gravity of being bad. I mean winless bad or only one win or a handful that left the fans, the students and the media scratching their heads. Some, based on depth, performance and coaching, we could understand. Others - let’s just say there are questions left unanswered.
Something tells me there will be some major changes at some major universities in the not too distant future based on records set, err unattained this past season.
These are the eight worst teams in college football.
8. Florida International
When I was a child, this was a school mainly for PE coaches and teachers. FIU has come a long way over the past 35 years. The football team, which has been a speed bump for many teams this season has put players in the NFL like Jaguars defensive back Johnathan Cyprien and Colts wide receiver TY Hilton
7. Southern Mississippi
Brett Favre is not too happy with the play of his Alma Mater. The Golden Eagles did not soar this past season. Head coach Todd Monken has plenty of work to do with this team. Maybe he should ask Brett how to run an offense.
6. Idaho
The team had one win this season, but Idaho has been a team that has been on the college football map and radar before. They had a nationally televised game this season against FSU, but were abused like a red-headed step child. But you have to admit, the nickname “Vandals” rocks!
5. California
The Bears were supposed to be better then their record, 1-11, showed. Ohio State, Oregon, Washington, Washington State, and basically every team on the schedule had their way with the Bears - everyone except Portland State. That should make Neil Lomax proud.
4. Purdue
What happened to the Boilermakers. What in the name of Bob Griese is going on? The Big Ten was down this year and Purdue proved that to be true. You kind of knew is was going to be bad when Northern Illinois 55-24. The team needs a complete overhaul.
3. Hawaii
The quite, serene Hawaii culture could not inspire this team to more than one win this season. Head coach Norm Chow, an offensive genius and know as a passing guru, showed he may be losing his touch. Hawaii has been known in the past for having an explosive offense, but now the thing explosive are the volcanoes.
2. Miami of Ohio
This is a team that has been on the map in college football. It’s most famous player is Ben Roethlisberger, but as we know - Big Ben is in the NFL where the Steelers struggled to win early on, and Miami of Ohio could not win a game this season.
1. Georgia State
The Panthers did not lose all their games by blowout scores, but some of these games weren’t pretty. Head coach Trent Miles had his team fighting to the bitter end, but they could not pull off a win against its conference or non-conference opponents.


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