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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

2014 Fantasy Football Champs and Chumps: Week 8

Quarterback Champs:

Ben Roethlisberger- 40/49 522 yards, 6 TDs- 44.7 fantasy points

Holy Moly Big Ben goes H.A.M! He set a new career best in passing yardage and touchdowns, and he probably could have had a shot at the all-time passing record (555 yards) if they wouldn’t have called off the dogs in the 4th. With the addition of Martavis Bryant, he may just be able to move back towards the QB1 category the ROTW…

Tom Brady- 30/35, 354, 5 TDs  – 34 fantasy points

He’s just capped off an INSANE October (14 TDs, ZERO interceptions) with this ridiculous performance against the Bears Sunday. He’s back. So is Gronk. Buckle up.

Andrew Luck- 26/45, 400 yards, 3 TDs, 2 INT; 3 Rush, 26 yards- 26.6 fantasy points

Even though they were completely outmatched in Pittsburgh on Sunday, Luck still had a crazy good fantasy day in the loss. He remains the top overall player in fantasy, and should be moving forward.


Quarterback Chumps:

Geno Smith- 2/8, 5 yards, 3 INTs- NEGATIVE 5.8 fantasy points

I haven’t looked back into the archives, but this has to be one of the worst QB performances in recent history (fantasy-wise). At this point you just feel bad for the guy, as he was benched for Michael Vick (not much better), and more than likely will have to claw his way back to even start again this season for the Train-wreck Jets.

Joe Flacco- 17/34, 195 yards, 2 INTs; 3 Rush, 12 yards– 5 fantasy points

Just a really boring game here with not much going on. Flacco couldn’t get anything going, as they fell to the Bengals in a pretty lackluster fantasy game all around.


Running Back Champs:

Arian Foster- 20 Rush, 151 yards, 2 TDs; 4 Rec, 22 yards, TD– 35.3 fantasy points

ARIAN. IS. THE. MAN. Jump on his back! Don’t worry, it’s clearly holding up just fine! Should be a STUD the rest of the way (Still not a bad idea to grab the Alfred Blue handcuff though).


Matt Forte-19 Rush, 114 yards; 6 Rec, 54 yards, TD- 24.8 fantasy points

Matt Forte makes me do LESS work because I just leave him in the champs column. Even when the Bears are looking like the toothless bear cubs out there on Sunday, Forte still continues to deliver STRONG fantasy performances for owners. He’s a top three option the rest of the way, and the top PPR running back option until further notice 

Jamaal Charles- 13 Rush, 73 yards, 2 TDs; 4 Rec, 44 yards – 23.7 fantasy points

Just another solid overall day for our boy, Jamaal. Even with Knile Davis delivering a similar performance, the Chiefs are proving they are a running team and they can co-exist to still provide stellar fantasy numbers.


Running Back Chumps: 

Chris Johnson- 3 Rush, 7 yards; 2 Rec, 13 yards – 2 fantasy points

Yes, you can drop him to waivers now. “But, it’s a twelve team league!” Yes, you can still drop him to waivers now. CJ2K is officially irrelevant unless Ivory gets injured.

Tre Mason - 7 Rush, 32 yards, 1 Rec, 1 yard- 3.3 fantasy points

Alert! Alert! Ongoing headache situation IMMINENT. Avoid if you can.


Wide Receiver Champs:

Jeremy Maclin-12 Rec, 187 yards, 2 TDs-30.7 fantasy points

He just eeked out Emmanuel Sanders for the overall wide receiver champ. Maclin has been an awesome surprise for fantasy owners this year, and should produce as a top ten receiver moving into your fantasy playoffs.

Emmanuel Sanders- 9 Rec, 120 yards, 3 TDs; Rush, 6 yards - 30.6 fantasy points

Yes, they were exploiting some of the DB injury issues the Chargers were having Thursday night, but it was almost if Peyton was trying to prove some sort of point. “Yes, I can throw to any one of my receivers at any given time, and there is NOTHING you can do about it.”

Antonio Brown- 10 Rec, 133 yards, 2 TDs, Rush, 5 yards- 25.8 fantasy points

Here is another guy you might as well leave in the champs column every week. Just a STUD. Mentally remember these performances when it comes to draft next year for all you non-Brown owners. He’s an absolute (PPR) monster!


Wide Receiver Chumps:

Michael Floyd- 0 Rec, 0 yards- ZERO fantasy points

GOOOOOSE!!!! It was the Larry Fitz show Sunday afternoon, and Floyd was the odd man out. He did, however, drop a deep touchdown that could have salvaged this, but it hit him in the numbers (insert sad face).

Torrey Smith- 0 Rec, 0 yards- ZERO fantasy points

GOOOOOOSE!!!! Double geese? Yup. I know he got hurt in the first half and missed much of the game, but if you give me an opportunity to say “goose,” I’m going to… GOOOOOOOOSEEEEE!!!!!!

Vincent Jackson- 1 Rec, 13 yards-1.3 fantasy points

One of the most frustrating people in fantasy this year. What do you do with this guy? Put him on the bench until further notice if you have alternatives putting up WR3 numbers. Gonna start calling him Vincent Pine…


Tight End Champs:

Rob Gronkowski- 9 Rec, 149 yards, 3 TDs- 32.9 fantasy points

GRONK SMASSHHHHHH!!!!! Holy jeez! We got to see not two, but three Gronk spikes on Sunday. Give the guy the green arrow up. I think I may even like Gronk more than Julius Thomas now…it’s close.

Antonio Gates- 5 Rec, 54 yards, 2 TDs- 17.4 fantasy points

Old man Gates, quietly having one of his best seasons EVER. Crazy.

 Tight End Chumps:

Charles Clay- 1 Rec, 1 yards- 0.1 points

It’s like Charles Clay popped the top to the Pringles can and just ate one Pringle. Come on man!!! Obviously last week was a fluke. But you knew this, right?


Greg Olsen-1 Rec, 16 yards- 1.6 fantasy points

Did you watch this game? It was literally one of the most boring games ever. They had stat lines like this… if you want to see more just take a look at “Killa Cam’s” stat line, he JUST missed the chumps list.


Star Rookie Watch:

Brandin Cooks- 6 Rec, 94 yards, TD; Rush, 4 yards, TD- 21.8 Fantasy Points

Just when you thought he was a “Dumpsville” candidate, he goes and does something like this…and TOTALLY redeems himself! Brees may have just realized how valuable his “new toy” really is. But, we’d like to see a few more performances like this to trust the guy…

Sammy Watkins- 3 Rec, 157 yards, TD- 21.7 fantasy points

Thank God he had that last TD after the whole embarrassing “being caught from behind as he preemptively celebrated his touchdown” thing in the first half. Yes, that was a run-on. The dude is a solid WR2 right now with crazy upside (as the Bills will be relying on the pass more with Spiller and Jackson out).

Kelvin Benjamin- 4 Rec, 94 yards- 9.4 fantasy points

Well he can’t catch a touchdown EVERY week, but he had a sweet 50-yard grab over Richard Sherman, so that was nice.


**Note: Fantasy points denote standard, non-PPR scoring.

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