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Friday, 17 October 2014

College Football Picks Week 8 (Catholics vs. Champs Edition)

It's time for week 8 of the college football season, where, thanks to the college football playoff, most teams' seasons are just getting started, some teams' seasons have already been wrecked, and others are already playing out the string.

Like me.

But that doesn't mean I still can't try and turn it around.

This's "Catholics vs. Champs" in Tallahassee mixed in with a lot of the usual Big 12, SEC and Pac-12 goodness.

And it's all leading in one direction, since the playoff committee will soon be holding their first meeting of the year.

And it's also all for strictly entertainment purposes only.

Last week: 3-7 (what else?)

Overall: 26-43 (that's hideous)


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