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Friday, 17 October 2014

Denver Broncos vs. Dallas Cowboys: Super Bowl Dream For All Fans

The 2014 NFL season nears its midway point and week by week we continue to separate the contenders from the pretenders. In a league where each week is a mystery, we have finally began to recognize who some of the true contenders appear to be.

As we enter week seven of the NFL season, we look back to the previous six weeks to look at some of the teams that have separated themselves from the pack. In this list we find some of the league’s biggest name teams and a couple of surprises.

The most impressive team so far this year has to be the San Diego Chargers. The Chargers are off to a 5-1 start and are in first place in the AFC West. Chargers’ quarterback Philip Rivers could possibly be the leading candidate for league MVP.

The most surprising team so far this season has to be the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys are coming off an impressive victory against the defending Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks in Seattle. Cowboys’ quarterback Tony Romo has had tons of pressure taken off him this year thanks to the running game.

The Cowboys’ defense has had one of the best turnarounds in all of the NFL this season. The Cowboys are yet to play a divisional game, which is odd considering we have completed six weeks. Dallas finally plays their first game against an NFC East team this weekend when they face the New York Giants.

Finally, the biggest bounce back team this year has to be the Denver Broncos. The Broncos had one of the worst showings in Super Bowl history last year when they lost 43-8 to Seattle. Broncos’ quarterback Peyton Manning had a record setting year last year, but it was all for nothing in the end.

This year the Broncos are once again one of the top teams in the NFL and are second in the AFC West just behind the Chargers. Denver appears to be one of the favorites again this year in the AFC, but may have a better all around team this season.

So, I mention all of this for one reason and that is to imagine what could possibly be the dream Super Bowl matchup this season. It is an obvious answer if you think about it and it would send ratings through the roof if it was to happen.

That matchup I speak of is the Denver Broncos vs. the Dallas Cowboys. This game would have everything you could ask for in a Super Bowl. It would have the most popular team not only in the NFL, but all of sports going against one of the most popular quarterbacks ever in Peyton Manning.

The Broncos were recently voted as America’s favorite team breaking a six year run of the Cowboys being voted America’s favorite team. A battle between Dallas and Denver would be must watch television for football, and not football fans, nationwide because of the appeal factors both of these franchises currently have.

The Broncos would be looking to bounce back from the embarrassing loss to the Seahawks last year, plus Manning would be looking to win his second Super Bowl title. A win would likely send Manning into retirement and win the Broncos their first Super Bowl since the days of John Elway.

The Cowboys would be looking to break a two decade stretch of not winning a Super Bowl, which dates back to the days of Troy Aikman. A Super Bowl appearance would be remarkable for the Cowboys because of the turnaround their defense had to do and more importantly the fact Tony Romo would actually be playing in a Super Bowl.

This is obviously a very long ways down the road as even being a possibility, but if you are looking for drama, a great storyline, intrigue and a great game to watch this matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and Denver Broncos would be the game for you.

It would be an incredible sight to see and as a fan of the NFL watching from a neutral and nonbiased sports writer position, I would love to see this take place. I believe, unlike last year, this game would actually live up to the hype that would be placed upon it and a classic would unfold.

If you recall, these two teams met in the regular season last year and it was a classic. It was a shootout that went down to the last drive of the game.

Denver came out on top 51-48 in what was one of the best games of the entire 2013 NFL season. Romo threw for over 500 yards in the game, but had a costly last minute interception that sealed the deal in the end.

So, as we think about possible Super Bowl matchups this season the one that has to be at the top of the list is Dallas vs. Denver. The storylines are there and a classic could be in store once again just as it was last season. It is a long ways before we get to that point, but it is something very interesting to think and dream about as fans of the NFL.


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