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Friday, 17 October 2014

Did Treon Harris Cost Will Muschamp His Job?

Florida Coach Will Muschamp


The saga of Treon Harris is just the cherry on top of all the issues that embattled Florida Gators Head Football Coach Will Muschamp has had to face this season.

Muschamp was never the popular choice to land as the Head Coach of the Gators, who had enjoyed unprecedented success under former Head Coach Urban Meyer.  Many believed that Muschamp was the heir apparent to take over the Texas Longhorns after Mack Brown was to retire.  However, the Florida opportunity was just too enticing to pass up, and he has been in a constant struggle ever since he has taken the job. 

Muschamp has only had one successful season in Gainesville with his 2012 campaign, but the University that grew to compete on an annual basis for a national title will not stand for a coach going in a negative direction.  Many have even made the point that Florida has dropped its elite status to just an average program in the SEC while under the guidance of Muschamp.

This season, Muschamp came into the season with a ton of promise with his solid recruiting class that was to be led by Freshman Quarterback Treon Harris.  Harris was to lead the Gators for the next four years back into national prominence.  Harris started out well leading the Gators to an early victory, and then disaster struck.

After the win against Tennessee, Treon Harris was charged with Sexual Assault by a fellow female student and was suspended indefinitely from the team.  The case has since been dropped by the female student, but the issue that has arisen is how Muschamp lobbied to get Harris back on the field as quickly as possible, instead of making Harris sit out the rest of the year, and take any responsibility for the situation.

The Treon Harris situation is just adding to the pile of issues revolving around Muschamp and the Florida Gators.  Muschamp has lost control of his team, and has lost support of the fan base.  He has not taken this school up to the next level, and the Harris issue just shows that he is an ineffective leader that is nowhere near the level of Urban Meyer’s Florida teams. 

The Florida Gators fan and alumni base are some of the greatest fans in college football and deserve to be proud of their program.  It is time for the University of Florida football team to make a change, as the program needs a reboot, and needs to be minus Muschamp.


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