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Saturday, 4 October 2014

DraftKings Week 5 Strategy Best Team To Stack: Seattle Seahawks


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Russell Wilson

Stacking players from one team is horrible fantasy football strategy when it comes to a full 16 week slate. Thankfully the $1 MILLION contest at DraftKings is daily fantasy football and all that matters is the Week 5 match ups. So if you see a team with a great match up then it's perfectly acceptable, and often times a great idea, to stack up on players from said team.

The team this week to use if you want to stack up players is the defending Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks have a few factors in their favor for week 5 that makes them a sexy team to stack players from. First of all the Seahawks are coming off their bye week. An extra week to rest, heal, and prepare for the next battle at hand is often times key. Coach Pete Carroll is 2-2 coming off the bye in Seattle but both losses came by 3 points. He's going to have this team ready for their contest in Washington. Next, the aforementioned Redskins. The Redskins were exposed last Thursday by the New York Giants. A Giants team that is just beginning to click on offense while the Seahawks are already a strong offensive unit and seem to just keep getting strong. Don't forget about the opposite side of the ball, that Seattle D taking on Kirk Cousins who looked like a complete mess last week. Finally, we all know the Seahawks are completely dominant at home, and on the road they are just 10-8 (including playoffs) since Russell Wilson became their quarterback. However in those 8 losses the Seahawks never lost by more than a touchdown and had list those games by an average of 3.75 points. Wilson's yards both passing (3591 to 3535) and rushing (528 to 587) are nearly identical both home and away while he boasts a 2:1 touchdown to interception ratio on the road. 

Now onto the players! 



Player: Russell Wilson

Cost: $7,600 (9th among QBs)

Wilson is one of the best values you can have in your line up this week when you're on your way to $1 MILLION. He is taking on a Redskins team that allowed the Giants' Eli Manning to throw for 300 yards and 4 touchdowns while rushing for another. The Redskins are one of the worst at stopping opposing quarterbacks. They've allowed 9 passing touchdowns (3rd most in the league), and are giving up just under 21 points/game. Wilson is averaging 18 points/game while getting stronger as the weeks go by. He's increased his passing yards steadily weeks 1-3 while throwing 2 touchdowns each game against just 1 interception on the entire season. The only other time Wilson played the Redskins was in the playoffs in 2012 and he put up 18 points that day. Excellent value for an excellent quarterback.


Player: Marshawn Lynch

Cost: $7,200 (7th among RBs)

The Redskins do one thing well, and that's stop running backs. They have, however, given up a 100 yard rusher (Arian Foster), and let the Giants' Andre Williams and Rashad Jennings combine for 121 yards and the first touchdown scored on them all year. Marshawn Lynch is a different kind of beast ... Literally. If we went back and redrafted our leagues today Lynch would be a top 3 pick easily after being a mid to late round 1 pick when the season started. This is where daily fantasy football kicks ass. You missed out on Lynch in your standard league, then use him this week! Lynch puts up an average of 24 points/game. He's scored at least 1 touchdown in ever single game this year. In Lynch's 1 career match up with Washington he totaled 131 yard and a touchdown. While the Skins can stop running backs, they won't be able to stop Lynch they can only hope to contain him.


Player: Percy Harvin

Cost: $6,100 (10th among WRs)

Player: Doug Baldwin

Cost: $3,500 (30th among WRs)

The Redskins let quarterbacks put up a ton of points each week. That means someone has to catch those passes, and opposing wide receivers also put up a ton of points on the Redskins as well. They are giving up the 4th most receptions (57) and letting wide outs score 40 fantasy points/game on them. Now when it come to Seahawks receivers I'd only trust Percy Harvin or Doug Baldwin in a line up trying to win me $1 MILLION. Both Baldwin and Harvin are virtually identical in targets (16 to 17), receptions (10 to 15), and yards (105 to 106) and neither has scored a touchdown yet. That no touchdown nonsense has to come to an end and this will be the week for at least one of them but very well could for both. You're getting good value for Baldwin, but you're getting tremendous value with Harvin. He is the team's top wide out and he also can run with the ball. He has 6 rushes for 86 yards and a touchdown already this season so don't be surprised to see some end arounds with Harvin. He's their best playmaker and they need to put the ball in his hands any chance they can. Harvin has 3 career games vs the Redskins in which he averaged 82 yards and has scored 2 total touchdowns.


Player: Zach Miller

Cost: $3,000 (17th among TEs)

Don't touch Miller. He gets 2 targets per game, and at $3,000 he's the cheapest tight end. Travis Kelce is $3,000 too. He gets 6 targets per game. I shouldn't have to say anything else. Go elsewhere for a tight end.


Cost: $4,200 (2nd among defenses)

A lot of people tend to use a cheaper defense and that is a totally understandable strategy, however defenses can net you negative points and you can't afford to lose potential points when playing for $1 MILLION. While you may be spending a little extra on a defense by taking the Seahawks, they are well with it given the match up. Are the Redskins on of the worst teams at giving up points to opposing defenses? Check, 3rd worst to be exact. Did Kirk Cousins just get had by the Giants defense last week? Check. To the tune of 5 turnover and a pathetic 5 fantasy points. Is the Legion of Boom still the best secondary in the NFL? You bet your ass it is! They are 6th best in the league giving up just 66 total points this season while facing 3 of the best offenses in Green Bay, San Diego, and Denver. Washington is not on the same level as those three teams. The Seahawks also have forced 3 turnovers (1 per game), 5 sacks, and a safety.  Kirk Cousins has thrown at least 1 pick in the 2 games he's started too. 

Personally I would stack Wilson and Harvin on most of my line ups, and try to work Lynch into a few. But having 3 players who average 78 combined points/game going for you on Monday Night with $1 MILLION on the line will definitely get your heart rate up! Stack the Seahawks with confidence and good luck to all!


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