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Thursday, 16 October 2014 Week 7 Bankroll Do's and Dont's

Hey All, 

Quick update from last weeks article.  It was a hairy 50/50 lineup, one of those bubble ones that will give you an ulcer.  Those who spread their entries out made the most money.  Those who only entered one or two higher entry 50/50's lost.  Maximizing percentages is everything.  I personlly won 27 of 30 contests and made a 45% ROI with the same lineup that some went 0-2, 1-1 and ended with a loss. 

This week I am going to take a look at building GPP (Guranteed Prize Pool) lineups.  This article will be updated a couple of times as the process continues on through the week.  Then on Sunday at 11am CST, I will post five lineups here for the GPP contests.  Five you ask?  Well, follow through the week and it will become quite clear.  

For this article I am going to focus on strategies I use in building the lineups as well as lay out an outline for the week.  

Here we go.  

I will be entrering all five lineups into these contests for sure:  



The Strategy: 

1. Play the Thursday starting tournaments without playing the Thursday players.  

People play in these tournaments because they want to watch their players live on national TV.  The Thursday games usually underperforms, so take advantage of that. Reserve your entry/entries or pick your lineups without any Thrusday players in it.  Jets @ Patriots (Vegas O/U only 45 plus it's a heated rivalry and I predict a ton of defense).  

My strategy will be based on playing five lineups.  It is your choice if you want to pick all five or pick and choose.  I am entering the same lineup in the Sunday Million to see the difference in lineups between the Thursday and Sunday contests.  

2. Building five lineups for variance. 

There will be a lot of risk involved in these lineups.  They are not meant to be safe.  Great players may cash in 30% of GPP games.  If you cash in more than that then either stop lying to yourself or stop reading this, because your strategy is working.  

With five lineups I will be expecting to cash with one of them and hoping that one goes big.  GPP IS HIGH/RISK HIGH/REWARD.  REMEMBER HIGH RISK!!!  Yes I am trying to scare you.  Hope it is working. Please do not risk a good portion or your entire bankroll because of this. Remember there are games for as little as 25 cents to play in. 

The Team Building: 

1. I will start the week by watching all the games on NFL rewind.  About 20 minutes each if fast forwarding through commercials.  I like to do this for the eye test.  Just watch and make a note here and there as players stand out in my mind. 

2. Next I will go to DraftKings and make an excel sheet of my favorit 8QBs 16RBs 20WRs and 8TEs.  Maybe more maybe less, not going to ever set this in stone, but that's about average.

3. Projections, projections projections.  I will begin trying to formulate projections on these players using and vegas info.  I will break down the vegas and info in the next article.  I lean on it quite a bit and so should you. 

4.  Then, I will begin building lineups using a few tested strategies based on projections which I will break down in the final article before the lineups.  

5. Finnally, I will check the inactive list on Sunday morning before finalizing my lineups.  If there are any possible afternoon, evening, or Monday night switches I will make a note of it, but it will be up to you to watch and make sure your players are good-to-go.  

That is what I have for now.  Keep an eye out for this article throughout the week and build some lineups with me. 

“Don't be too timid and squeamish about your actions. All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson.









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