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Friday, 31 October 2014

Fantasy Football Trades: When To Trade Your Best Player

Week 9 is here. For me that means only 5 weeks left in the season. Unless my league is somehow some kind of oddball, you probably only have 5 weeks to go as well. 

How’s it looking? Riding high or squeaking bye?

5 weeks is a chance for 5 wins. Fantasy football is a week by week game. Roll off 3 of the next 5, 4 of the next 5 and unless you have 1 or 2 wins and the leader is rocking it at 6-1, calm down.

I lost the first 3 games of my season and have just completed a 5 game monster win streak.  You can too with a with a smart trade or a clutch wire pickup.

Let’s analyze some moves that will keep your hopes alive to get in the playoff.

Bye weeks are here meaning some big dogs are off the board. Depending on your match this week some of your beasts could be sleeping this week but that also means some of your opponents big guns could be of no use as well.

Forte, Rogers, Tate, some heavy hitters are not available. Depending on your situation and how dire the need is for a win, trading a monster like Forte might be a gamble you must take.

I realize trading a player that has to be like 40% of a team’s offense is not a move that you might even think to make, but there are only 5 games left and if you need to win the majority of them , maybe trading a big hunk of chocolate cake for 2 slightly pieces might be the move here.

Forte for Ingram coming off a monster game playing a Panthers team that is allowing some rushing yards and Kelvin Benjamin playing against a Saints defense that has been anything but stellar this year.. Benjamin is averaging 10.5 points a game while Ingram is coming of missing 4 weeks but averaging 15.5 in the four games he has played.  Forte is averaging 18 points a game.

Not a bad deal huh? The point here is that thinking outside of the box here is going to pay off. Think about it, Forte can’t help you this week. You lose another game and then you are left with only 4 games left to play and if the dudes ahead of you win this week, you are that much further in the hole and that dirt gets heavy fast.

Crunch some numbers, look at who is an absolute beast on your team and try and cash that beast in for 2 semi beasts that can get you a crucial win this week. Crunch the numbers people and don’t be afraid to move a beast.


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