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Friday, 24 October 2014

Five Schools That Could Make a Run at Hugh Freeze

The nation has fallen in love with the State of Mississippi and its two most prominent schools, Ole Miss and Mississippi State. Looking at both schools, Dan Mullen has become the hot name, the one the media expects to get huge offers from major universities looking for the “it” guy to change the schools’ fortunes and to kick things up a notch.

The school most associated with a potential move from running the Bulldogs program is the Florida Gators, based on his ties to Urban Meyer and the spread offense he taught to some guy names Tim Tebow. While it appears Mullen has become the new James Franklin of college football, there is this guy over at the “Land of Manning” who is doing pretty well himself.

Meet Hugh Freeze – the man who has brought back the Rebels program since the days when Manning was walking the campus as the BMOC – that’s Eli Manning to you and me.

Freeze has been a part of the Ole Miss program since 2011 and has helped to once fledgling program on the map with solid recruiting and a philosophy the players have bought into.

Could it be Freeze the schools run to after the season, especially if the Rebels win The Egg Bowl and challenge for a national title?

Here are five teams that could come running after Mr. Freeze.


Here is why this works. Mullen may be the one some of the Gator Nation want, but Jeremy Foley is not keen on hiring someone connected to Urban Meyer. Freeze is a solid choice and would give the fans in The Swamp something to cheer about.


The Hurricanes looked good beating Virginia Tech and Frank Beamer. Al Golden is the hot and cold coach in college football. One minute his team looks good with a freshman at quarterback. But the Hurricanes program has too much talent to be this mediocre.


Rich Rodriguez will get some string consideration at other programs (Miami?). Freeze is a fresh face and the Pac 12 is made up of young talented coaches who preach the gospel. Freeze walks into a solid situation with the Wildcats and could pick up where Rich Rod left off.


Brady Hoke is playing out the string in Ann Arbor. There is a strong feeling Jim Harbaugh may return to his alma mater and run the ship. There may be other NFL teams that call on Harbaugh (Miami, Oakland) before he takes another shot at the college game. This would be a “Franklin-like” move.


The theory behind this is pretty simple. There are rumors around the Internet that the Ol’ Ball Coach may consider a trip back to Florida to finish what he started. If that is the case, the Gamecocks are going to need a replacement. Freeze would be a solid coach.


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