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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

FN's 'Monday Morning Huddle': The Passing Sunday

Football Nation proudly presents its 20th episode in Season Three of "Monday Morning Huddle" with host Dave Holcomb. The NFL is a passing league, but Week 8 saw some of the biggest passing days in NFL history, and Holcomb is here to break it all down. In the first segment, our host talks Big Ben and the Steelers offense scoring 51 points against the Colts defense, who were fresh off a shutout. Where did the Steel City explosion come from? Andrew Luck, Nick Foles and Aaron Rodgers also all eclipsed the 400-yard mark, but the last three quarterbacks did not do one important thing that Roethlisberger did.

Next, Holcomb welcomes FN Contributor and Bleacher Report Fantasy Football Columnist Dave Guidera to the show to discuss the Denver Broncos victory over the San Diego Chargers. Guidera provides insight and a playoff prediction for the Broncos. As always, the show concludes with the 'Fourth and Long' segment. Holcomb talks about the Steelers and the AFC North in further depth and the success of the 9:30 AM ET London game from Sunday. All that and more in this episode of Monday Morning Huddle.

Week 8 Results

Denver 35, San Diego 21

Detroit 22, Atlanta 21 (London)
Kansas City 34, St. Louis 7
Houston 30, Tennessee 16
Minnesota 19, Tampa 13 OT
Seattle 13, Carolina 9
Cincinnati 27, Baltimore 24
Miami 27, Jacksonville 13
New England 51, Chicago 23
Buffalo 43, New York Jets 23
Arizona 24, Phialdelphia 20
Cleveland 23, Oakland 13
Pittsburgh 51, Indianapolis 34
New Orleans 44, Green Bay 23

Washington at Dallas

Bye Teams
New York Giants and San Francisco

Don't forget Week 7 Power Rankings will come out on Tuesday morning!
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This Week's Music
Album: Endless Wire
Artist: The Who
Songs: Come Together, Maxwell's Silver Hammer, Here Comes the Sun

Theme Song: Monday Morning by Fleetwood Mac

Dave Holcomb’s Contact Information
Twitter: @dmholcomb
Facebook: Dave's Football News


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