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Friday, 10 October 2014

Still Heisman Hope For Abdullah With Todd Gurley Suspended

Well folks here we are again. Another crisp fall with college football every Saturday, hopefully your team is still giving you hope, and you can stay glued to the television on Saturdays. Unfortunately the same stories seem to arise every football season. Georgia star running back Todd Gurley has found himself in a predicament. Coach Mark Richt has decided to suspend Todd Gurley indefinitely for receiving cash for signing his autograph. Most thought Johnny Football was riding the pine in Cleveland... With Gurley sidelined, Abdullah might still have a chance at the Heisman. 

     After a dismal performance last week against the mighty Spartans of Michigan State, does Ameer Abdullah still have a legitimate chance at winning the illustrious Heisman trophy? The answer is yes, however the road to the Heisman for Abdullah will not be walk in the park. Abdullah currently leads the NCAA in rushing yards totaling 878 yards. The next closest back is Pittsburgh's James Connor with 874 yards.

    Wisconsin's Melvin Gordon is also in contention, however Wisconsin has already lost two games, and the Nebraska Wisconsin showdown in Madison on November 13 could decide if Gordon or Abdullah are worthy of the Heisman. 

  Abdullah's lack luster performance last week against Michigan State can be attributed Nebraska's atrocious offensive line play. However, Abdullah is a team leader, and it will be fascinating to see if Abdullah can show true leadership and get his boys playing big red pipe line football. Nebraska only has three Heisman trophy winners. And a fourth trophy would sure look nice in the enormous trophy case in Lincoln. Let's not forget that it was Abdullah who saved the day when Mcneese State came dangerously close to beating the Huskers. Some might say if it were not for Abdullah's theatrics, Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini might have been out of a job. 

    Here's hoping for a magical season, and maybe, just maybe number eight still has a little magic left in him.



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