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Friday, 10 October 2014

The 10 Most Disappointing NFL Players This Season

We are over a quarter of the way through the NFL season. There has been some surprising teams and players so far, but there has also been some disappointing teams and players. Here are the 10 most disappointing players so far (in no particular order).


LeSean McCoy

McCoy is one of the best running backs in the NFL the last couple of years, but this year has been a struggle to say the least. McCoy has yet to have a game where he got over 100 yards on the ground. In 5 games this year, McCoy has rushed for only 273 yards combined with one touchdown. Last year McCoy had three games where he rushed over 150 yards. If Chip Kelly hopes to go far in the playoffs he needs McCoy to get back on track.


Geno Smith

At this point I think we can say the whole New York Jets team has been a disappointment, but i'm only going to focus on Geno Smith. Smith is 22nd in passing yards and in last week's game versus the San Diego Chargers Smith only passed for 27 yards before being replaced by Michael Vick. Rex Ryan better hope Smith gets back on track or it will be a long season.


Montee Ball

This was suppose to be Ball’s year as the number one running back. Ball struggled last year which made Denver Broncos coach John Fox turn to Knowshon Moreno. Moreno had a great season, which then led to Moreno leaving this past offseason to the Miami Dolphins. John Fox was hoping Ball would be able to handle being the starting running back this year in his second year as a pro. Ball has only rushed for 172 yards and one touchdown, and to make things worse Ball hurt his groin last week. He will be out a couple of weeks.


Tom Brady

Tom Brady, the man who has won 3 Super Bowls, 2 Super Bowl MVP’s and 2 time regular season MVP's, has not looked like the Tom Brady we are use to seeing. Many people were wondering two weeks ago if it was time for the New England Patriots to bench Brady and bring in rookie Jimmy Garoppolo. Brady looked better though last week versus the Cincinnati Bengals where he almost threw for 300 yards. So far this season Brady is on pace to throw for under 3,500 yards, which would be his second lowest total since 2001 which is when he became the Patroit's full time starter.


EJ Manuel

This is Manuel’s second year in the NFL. The Bills were hoping that moving up in this year's draft to select wide receiver Sammy Watkins would help Manuel become the Quarterback they envisioned, but things haven't gone according to plan. The Bills benched Manuel for journeyman quarterback Kyle Orton.


Robert Quinn

Fresh off a new 6 year 65.6 million dollar contract extension, people were expecting big things this year from Quinn. Last year Quinn got 19 sacks , which was 3.5 sacks from tying Michael Strahan for the most sacks in a season. So far this season Quinn only has 9 tackles and zero sacks.


Torrey Smith

Smith was suppose to be the number one receiver for the Baltimore Ravens, but so far this year he is 3rd on the team in receiving yards behind Steve Smith and Owen Daniels. Many people are wondering if Torrey is a fit in the new offense under offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak. Kubiak’s offense is made for short passes, but Torrey’s game is made for the deep pass.


Percy Harvin

Harvin has had a rough time since signing with the Seattle Seahawks last year. Last year Harvin only played in two games, one regular season game and the Super Bowl. Everyone knows Harvin has the playmaking ability, he just always gets hurt. So far this year he has played all 5 games but he has only 133 yards on 19 catches. Last week against the Washington Redskins Harvin had 3 touchdowns called back because of penalties so maybe Harvin is finally getting started.


Toby Gerhart

This was going to be Gerhart’s time to shine this year. Gerhart was finally going to be set free from being Adrian Peterson’s back up for 4 years with the Minnesota Vikings. Gerhart signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars to be their starting running back this year. So far this year Gerhart has rushed for 123 yards and one touchdown. No, that’s not his stats from one game that’s his stats from 5 combined games. He is 54th in the NFL in rushing yards. Gerhart could possibly be finding his way to the bench as soon as this week.


Cordarrelle Patterson

Patterson was going to be a big part of the Vikings offense this year. Patterson has big playmaking ability, but so far he has yet to show it. His big play game week one was on a 67 yard rushing touchdown. He hasn’t done much since then. He only has 189 receiving yards so far this season. It doesn’t help that the Vikings are 27th in the league in passing yards per game.


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