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Friday, 17 October 2014

The Final Spot: Quarterbacks For The Millionaire Maker Part 3

Play fantasy football for a one MILLION dollar first place prize FREE, TODAY. 
Enter by opening a Draftkings account with only a $25 deposit.  Upon deposit, you will get a FREE $27 entry into the Millionaire Maker, this weekends $1 million dollar game and a FREE FFChamps membership for the entire NFL season. Spots are limited.


So maybe for some reason last week didn't work out for you and you didn't win the million dollars.  And maybe it REALLY didn't work out for you and you didn't win anything.  No problem!  You've got another chance to make up for it this Sunday.  And if you've waited to fill your quarterback spot with your last pick, you've still got some options under $6000.


Derek Carr  $5800

Let's be clear that if you're starting Carr you better have some studs at your other spots.  Last week Carr put on a show and just narrowly missed leading his team to a win over the Chargers.  This week he'll have another chance to put some points on the board against Arizona.  With the Cardinals giving up the fewest fantasy points to opposing running backs, you can count on Carr airing it out all day long.  And while they are good at stopping the run, they give up the fifth most points to opposing quarterbacks and second most to opposing receivers.  


Brian Hoyer  $5600

So you've probably heard that the Browns are a run first offense and so far that has worked out well for them.  But when a team takes on the Jacksonville Jaguars they become a run/pass/catch/put-points-on-the-board-how-ever-they-want-to offense. You already know that the Jaguars are terrible and Hoyer has shown that he is at least a good game manager if not a capable quarterback.  Against the Jaguars, the only fear is that the Browns get an early lead and give the combination of Ben Tate and Isaiah Crowell the ball the rest of the game.


Between the two I would go with Carr.  He has more upside because his team will be chasing points and they won't be able to get a running game going.  If by some chance the Jags get up a couple of scores on the Browns, Hoyer's stats will go up as he throws it more, but I don't think the Jags will ever have the lead and if they do it won't be by much or for very long.  Carr will be in a situation to get you more points because his success will be dependent on whether the Raiders are able to stay in the game.


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