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Thursday, 23 October 2014

The Great NFL Pigskin Pick 'Em: Week Eight

Welcome back to another week of the Great NFL Pigskin Pick 'Em. I know, you all are absolutely craving my wisdom and insight into the weekend's games and lord knows I'm more than happy to force it upon you! Of course I barely broke above even last week but that's just a minor detail. 

At least there were no ties last week, though I'm still smarting over a dumbfounding Browns loss, a bizarre loss in which the Seahawks looked completely unprepared for the Rams and the collapse by the Texans as they allowed the Stillers to rip off about 600 points in two minutes. I have to imagine the sharps in Vegas are taking it on the chin this year. 

What strangeness does week eight hold? Who knows! It's not out of the realm of possibility that there could be two permanent quarterback changes following this week, another fired head coach, and I might even completely turn on my buddy Jay Cutler. Weird times these days.

So let's get to it, maybe this is the week things in the NFL, and my picks, finally settle down.

Last Week: 8-7 (No Lester)
Season: 61-45-1 (Lester 2-3)

  • The scores for the last seven Thursday night games: 36-16, 26-6, 56-14, 45-14, 42-10, 33-28, 27-25. We seem to be trending in the right direction and tonight’s game should be a close one. SHOULD BE. 
  • Top top! Time for Lester’s Lead Pipe Lock of the Week, British style.
  • Doesn’t seem like too long ago a game involving the Vikings and Buccaneers would have been an NFC Championship preview. Not so much now. Also, I’m old.
  • I think the Bills should start EJ Manuel just so we can see how many interceptions he and Geno Smith can throw in one game.


  • When did Brandon Marshall become the sane, clear voice of reason in an NFL locker room? What is happening in the NFL this year?
  • Is it time to press the panic button if the Seahawks can’t escape Charlotte with a win?
  • I’d bet my life on the Jaguars coming out and looking like crap against the Dolphins.
  • Never thought I’d be cheering for the Bengals but…who dey. This is as far as I go, Cincinnatians, keep your god awful chili away from me. Do you even know what chili is? THAT’S NOT CHILI. 


  • You let Colt McCoy beat you. Go home, Titans, you're drunk.
  • Battle of Missouri! A “Show Me State” show down! Winner gets to rule Missouri and gets dibs on Kansas.
  • I secretly like the Cardinals far more than I’m willing to admit.
  • Congrats on having the ugliest accent in America! Go Stillers! 


  • Brian Hoyer is last in the NFL in completion percentage and last in an advanced stat called Accuracy Percentage developed by the folks at Pro Football Focus. Basically, Hoyer has trouble hitting water as he falls out of boats. Get your arm ready, Johnny!
  • I don’t care if they’re playing inside of two domes, Saints ain’t winning this this one!
  • There’s a really insensitive joke here about cowboys and indians, but let’s just say the Cowboys are probably going to win very easily. 

Keep a heads up for next Tuesday or Wednesday, probably Wednesday, as I bring back the redesigned logos slideshow for all to enjoy. 


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