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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

The NFL's Biggest Surprises Of Week 5: Orton Upset

Can Kyle Orton Lead The Bills To The Playoffs?

Completing 70% of his passes and throwing for 300 yards and a touchdown, Orton played well against one of the league's best defensive fronts. Not only did Orton do well stat-wise, he led his team to a comeback victory over the Lions, who were expected to win. Breaking a two-game losing streak, the Bills will certainly keep Orton in over E.J. Manuel.


Austin Davis Has Been Playing Like A Starting-Caliber Quarterback

Davis started off slow, but has thrown six touchdowns and 700 yards over the past two games, both of which were one-possession losses. Among quarterbacks with more than 100 passing attempts, Davis has the 10th best passer rating. His past two games would project to be 5616 yards and 48 touchdowns over a full season. Albeit he faced two of the league's less potent defenses, but he has shown starting capabilities.



The Saints May Miss The Playoffs

The NFC South as a whole has been disappointing, but the Saints were expected to be Super Bowl contenders. After losing to the Falcons in Week 1 and just edging out the Buccaneers at home, it is reasonable to believe that the Saints will not win their division. The Panthers, the divisional rival that they have yet to face, bounced back this week against the Bears and are the favorite to win the division.


The Patriots Are Back!

Many people expected that the Patriots would bounce back some time, but it was the fashion that they did so that was surprising. The Patriots beat the previously undefeated Bengals 43-17, scoring more points than the Bengals' previous three opponents combined. Turnovers were certainly a factor, but the Patriots' offense played its best it has this year by far. While their previous outings are still troubling, we all now know that they are still the playoff contenders that they have always been.


The Steelers Just Edged Out The Jaguars

After a loss to the Buccaneers at home, and just barely beating the Jaguars, the Steelers have been one of the fastest falling teams. It was not too long ago that they upset the Panthers, but they have certainly taken a step back. The Steelers' offense is very talented, but has been inconsistent, as they can not be relied on if the defense does not hold up. In a division with the Bengals, Ravens, and Browns, the Steelers have to step it up if they are to make to playoffs.


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