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Sunday, 5 October 2014

Utah State At BYU: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Friday night's game for the Wagonwheel, ended with a wounded BYU handing it over to Utah State. No matter what side of the fence you sit on, there was plenty of good, bad, and ugly on either side; let's consider the following.

The Good:

The game started on a good note for BYU when fans saw that after so many years, former BYU quarterback Jim McMahon got inducted into BYU's hall of fame after graduating from BYU despite his health problems.

It continued to be good for BYU when fans saw Taysom Hill take another flying leap into the endzone for a touchdown.

Then on Utah State's side of the ball during the second quarter they saw Hunter Sharp receive a great pass from Darrell Garrelson for a 72 yard touchdown. Sharp would continue to be a star player for Utah State throughout the game.

The Bad

Things really started to get bad for BYU before the second half. Among one of the bad moments was when Jamal Williams fumbled the ball over to Utah State.

Utah State had their own fumble issues when their QB Darrell Garrelson fumbled on a 3rd and 5 in the first quarter. Things would improve slighty for Utah State as the game went on, the same could not be said for BYU.

The Ugly:

Their's no doubt in BYU fans' minds what the ugliest moment of the game was. Just before second half, on a short run Taysom Hill hobbled off the field favoring his ankle. We'd find out later that this injury was a broken bone, needing surgery, and putting Hill out for the rest of the season.

Though Utah State won, they had their ugliest moments too, like their inability to score off of three interceptions thrown their way from BYU's backup QB, Christian Stewart. In the end, Utah State got the wheel, and BYU fans left the stadium feeling not so good, very bad, and not so pretty.



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