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Sunday, 2 November 2014

New York Jets vs. Kansas City Chiefs: 5 Things To Know

The New York Jets will limp into Arrowhead Stadium Sunday.  Last week an already inept offense contiuned a downward spiral with starting quarterback Geno Smith being benched in the first half after tossing three interceptions.  His replacement Michael Vick was responsible for one interception, four fumbles and four sacks. 

Meanwhile the Kansas City Chiefs made strides of getting back on track.  Quarterback Alex Smith passed for 223 yards.  He had no touchdowns but also had no interceptions or fumbles. 

Here are five things to know:

5. Geno Smith benched

After several inept performances Smith is benched for this game.  In his 2014 performances he has managed seven touchdowns and 10 interceptions.  His quarterback rating hoovers at 65.6.  So now after a 1-7 record for the Jets, Smith is benched and Michael Vick has been named the starter. 

The real question is, is this benching Rex Ryan's last stand? 

4. Michael Vick's start is against his redemption coach

Vick will start against the man who hired him after his release from prison.  Andy Reid gave Vick his second chance with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2009,  Vick started for Reid for three seasons including the 2010 season in which Vick won comeback player of the year. 

Does the familiarity of Reid with Vick make this an even more dominating performance from the Chiefs defense?  As if they needed more help. 

3. Jets offense is woefully bad

The Jets are 28th in total offense averaging 319.4 total yards a week.  They are 32nd in passing yards, averaging only 196.3 yards per game.  And they are 28th in points, averaging 18.0 points per game. 

The one glimmer of hope is running back Chris Ivory.  Ivory is averaging 4.7 yards a carry with five touchdowns.  Which coincidently is the only category the Jets rank top ten in the NFL.  They are fourth in rushing yards averaging 140.0 rushing yards a game.

Will Vick negatively impact Ivory's stats?

2. Chiefs Defense is Really Good

Last week against the St. Louis Rams the Chiefs collected seven sacks.  The Chiefs defense rank first is passing yards allowed with 215.4 passing yards a game.  They are tenth against the rush, allowing 112.9 rushing yards a game.  And thrid in points allowed, allowing 18.3 points per game.  They are the third overall best defense in the league.  And the third overall scoring defense in the league. 

Is it possible the Chiefs defense will put up more points than the Jets offense?  Ah-yep. 

1. Jets front seven is still pretty good

The Jets still have one of the best rushing defenses in the league.  They rank sixth in the league allowing 85.4 rushing yards per game.  Last week as they were getting scorched against the Buffalo Bills, the defensive line held the Bills rushing game to a total of 67 yards, total. 

They will be tested this week against running back Jamaal Charles.  Charles is averaging 4.58 yards per carry.   And when he is running well. so are the Chiefs. 

Will stopping Charles and the rushing offense of the Chiefs pave the way to a Jets win?


Arrowhead is notoriously unhospitable to visiting teams.  It's not the place for the Jets to get a much needed win.

Prediction: Chiefs 31-Jets 20

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