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Thursday, 6 November 2014

NFL London Calling: Proposal to Air all London Game at 9:30 AM

The NFL playing games in London has been debated since its creation in 2007. It has been no secret the league's ultimate goal is to either relocate a franchise or place an expansion team in the English capital. That idea has been met with much criticism due to stadium availability, the hardships of traveling, and other issues listed in the video.

The league, however, seems to have tapped into one of its best ideas to date with the airing of "The London Game" at 9:30 AM on the east coast.

Football and pancakes on Sunday morning? What is better than that?

One would have to be a real football scrooge not to love the idea of an extra network game available to the public in a time slot that A) does not take up another night during the week (AKA Thursday Night Football), and B) does not feature anything else in television fans want to watch (sorry, BPL fans).

It's an extra game. Fans can have it on in the background while doing the normal Sunday morning routine or make it a family gathering after Sunday morning service.

Sure, it's never going to gather the same amount of viewers as a normal Sunday afternoon game. All that matters, though, is that the live game will bring in more viewers than the standard pregame show. Two weeks ago, the Falcons and Lions game in London earned a 6.6 Nielsen Rating according to Brit View NFL. That's double what the Fox Pregame Show normally gets.

So if the fans want it, and the television networks want it, this is something the NFL can sell. Here is a layout of Dave's London Propsal:

1) London will host eight regular season games per season

2) If necessary, the NFL schedule will be expanded 18 weeks to give each team two byes. Every team will be rewarded a bye week after the London game to travel back to the United States (the NFL already does this)

3) With eight games per season, 16 teams will visit London per year, meaning each team visits London every other season. Every four years, each team gives up a home game to play in London.

4) Owners will be compensated $1 million for losing a home game, which the NFL already does for some teams.

This would work because:

A) Fans want the extra time slot without purchasing another television package. Sure, it might be a pain to get up and watch your own team so early, but that only occurs every other season and the trade off is eight additional games to watch per year. The same argument can be used for season ticket holders. Every season ticket holder loses a home game every four years, but the trade off is 32 additional games on national television in exchange for losing just one home game.

B) Again, the television networks will make more money with additional viewers watching a live game rather than a pregame show.

C) The NFL gets to market its game overseas without having to expand the league or relocate a current franchse.

It almost sounds too easy. It makes all the sense in the world.

Please let us know what you think. Did you enjoy the 9:30 AM London game two weeks ago? What do you think of Dave's proposal? Would you prefer a permanent team in London? Would you rather not have any additional games on television at all?

Leave a comment in the section below. If you leave a comment, Dave will announce it on the next episode of Monday Morning Huddle. For more on the host's London proposal, listen to Oct. 27 episode of Monday Morning Huddle.


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