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Thursday, 6 November 2014

NFL Picks Week 10 (Battle for Ohio Edition)

The NFL schedule hits double digits this week, which means the games are really starting to matter now. 

And one of the biggest games this week is the very first one that will be played, as the Bengals and Browns battle for Ohio (and first place in the suddenly stout AFC North).

Also this week...the 'Niners head to New Orleans needing a win more than the Saints (which is something you would never have said a month ago), the oldest rivalry in the NFL renews again, and America's Team heads to London desperate for a W.

All for entertainment purposes only.

Byes this week belong to the Chargers (5-4), the Colts (6-3), the Patriots (7-2), the Redskins (3-6), the Texans (4-5) & the Vikings (4-5).

Last week: 8-5

Overall: 71-63


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