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Monday, 3 November 2014

Philadelphia at Houston: 5 Things to Know

Thing 1-

Philadelphia is coming off a bad lose to the Cardinals. I do mean a bad lose, did you see it? The Eagles are worse at getting into the end zone then the 40 year old virgin. A simple I formation set, a simple attempt at a run for an inch for that first down. You get an inch and then you get 3 more tries at getting another inch to get in the end zone. Weak

Thing 2-

J J Watt is an absolute monster but that's not news. Failing to acknowledge what everyone already knows though would be a mistake. J J Watt is either going to make a play that will alter the course of the game in the Texans favor or he going to get real close but just miss. There will be a play, an instant that Mr. Watt does something single handily that will either have a major impact on the game or a major miss at impacting the game.

Thing 3-

The Texans are a week away from their bye only trailing the Colts by a game in the division. After the bye they have 7 remaining games with two absolute lob balls against the Jags. Getting a win here would put them comfortably trailing the Colts right in striking distance. 

Thing 4-

The Eagles are trying to keep pace with the hated Cowboys. There is nothing more hated in Philly then a Cowboys fan unless they are playing the Giants that week and then you get it. With games against the Seahawks, away against the Packers and two head to heads against the Boys, losing a winnable game would hurt. 

Thing 5-

The Eagles are a monster 3-0 all-time against the Texans. 

Wrap up extra things.

Foles better bring it or the calls for Butt fumble will be deafening. 

Clowney is back. Let's see what it looks like to have Watt and Clowney terrorizing qbs unlike anything since Reggie and Jerome. 

Fantasy related things.

Texans not so good against run, start McCoy.

Eagles not the best against the run, start Foster. 

Carey Williams, not so good at anything, start Andre and DeAndre.

Go Birds unless you are my Texas reading fans, then uh... Go Birds. 


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