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Sunday, 2 November 2014

The Firing of Head Coach Rex Ryan Will Happen At Any Moment Now

Rex Ryan tenure as the head coach of the New York Jets is coming to an end, and it might not take till the end of the season for his exit. Ryan's walking papers has been earned since the 2012 NFL season. That was the year he was suppose to get fired with former general manager Mike Tannenbaum, but his job was saved luckily.

Give credit to Rex Ryan for his two consecutive AFC Championship appearances in his first two seasons with the Jets. Ever since then Ryan has been a shell of himself, and hasn't put the best product out on the field week-to-week.

The New York Jets are 1-7, and just look pathetic. They have a history of quarterback issues since Rex Ryan came on board. Now with the benching of second year player Geno Smith, Michael Vick will get his chance to show and prove that he can still be formidable in this league.

It's just too little to late though, because the New York Jets have a less than 15% chance of making the playoffs this season. Head coach Ryan is considered to be a sideshow of a leader. But we really have to think about it, Ryan doesn't belong being a head coach in the first place. He's a defensive coordinator in the NFL, and that's all. Ryan is a great one at that, but he's no leader and he's proving that for the past couple of years.

When he leaves he should take Geno Smith and his average offense with him, because the New York Jets need a new face, better talent, and a improved in-game scheme. Right now, Ryan is sitting comfortably at the helm, because he knows that his time is running out. Rex Ryan is a smart guy, he's collecting checks while consistently losing.

Once the New York Jets fire Ryan and move in a different direction, you'll see some positive changes moving forward. All the blame isn't just on Rex Ryan and his coaching staff, because he can't go out on the field and produce, it's up to the players to do that.

Let's look at general manager John Idzik, who I believe should follow Rex Ryan out the door. Idzik has done a terrible job as manager. He seems to not like spending money on talent, and his drafting stinks. The Jets won't win with Rex Ryan or John Idzik, it's that plain and simple.


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