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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

2014 Fantasy Football Champs and Chumps: Week 15

Quarterback Champs:


Eli Manning- 23/34, 250 yards, 3 TDs – 22 fantasy points

In a REAL slow week for quarterbacks, Eli heads the list. That’s how you know it’s bad. Let’s give most of the credit to the NFL’s newest shining star, Odell Beckham Jr. Is he not the Josh Gordon of this year?

Alex Smith- 18/30, 297 yards, 2 TDs; 3 Rush, 27 yards- 21.5 fantasy points

Again…how many times will you see Smith on the champs list? Probably never again. If you would have told me Rodgers, Luck, Brady, or Peyton Manning would have missed the champs list prior to the weekend, I would have called you crazy.


Quarterback Chumps:

Johnny Manziel- 10/18, 80 yards, 2 INTs; 5 Rush, 13 yards-0.5 fantasy points

All the hype, for THIS?! Pretty pathetic for a kid that talks that much…And don’t tell me it was a tough matchup; Hoyer carried them to victory less than two months ago (Sorry, I’m just a tad bitter because Manziel just CRIPPLES Josh Gordon’s value).

Mark Sanchez- 17/28, 252 yards, INT- 6 fantasy points

Oh, how the tables have turned and only a few short weeks. However, the Cowboys almost found a way to lose that game, yet again, in December.


Running Back Champs:

Jeremy Hill-25 Rush, 148 yards, 2 TDs; 1 Rec, 4 yards- 27.2 fantasy points

Is Hill the guy moving forward? He’s certainly making the case. Running like an absolute mad man! 

Le’Veon Bell- 20 Rush, 47 yards, 2 TDs; 5 Rec, 72 yards – 23.9 fantasy points

Such an awesome dual threat. This “Bell Cow” has gotta be a top 3 pick next year, I would think.

Demarco Murray- 31 Rush, 81 yards, 2 TDs; 1 Rec, 3 yards– 20.4 fantasy points

Another solid outing for Mr. Murray. Let’s see how this hand surgery goes…Better grab the handcuff(s)!


Running Back Chumps:

Rashad Jennings - 1 Rush, 3 yards- 0.3 fantasy points

“Playing the hot hand,” huh, Giants? Leaves a bitter taste in my mouth to end my year, as far as Jennings goes.

Tre Mason- 13 Rush, 33 yards , FUMBLE– 1.3 fantasy points

A tough matchup for Mason against the Arizona run defense, AND it was a Thursday game. We told you to STAY AWAY from Thursday matchups! Short rest, and teams just seem to play awful.


Wide Receiver Champs:

Odell Beckham Jr-12 Rec, 143 yards, 3 TDs- 30.3 fantasy points

What. A. STUD. Where do you draft this guy next year? Early 4th round? 

Dez Bryant- 6 Rec, 114 yards, 3 TDs – 29.4 fantasy points

Red zone BEAST!


Wide Receiver Chumps:

Jordan Matthews- 0 Rec, 0 yards-0 fantasy points


Mahamed Sanu- 1 Rec, 4 yards- 0.4 fantasy points

Production, unfortunately, saw an all-time high when A.J. Green is out. He’s just another average Joe (fantasy-wise) when Green is on the field.

Reggie Wayne-4 Rec, 24 yards, FUMBLE- 0.4 fantasy points

Hang ‘em up, Reggie. He will be the Dwayne Bowe for me going into next year’s draft if he is still around (i.e. won’t touch him with a ten-foot pole).


Tight End Champs:

Rob Gronkowski- 3 Rec, 96 yards, TD- 15.6 fantasy points

Gronk catch touchdown! Gronk Spike! GRONK HAPPY!

Owen Daniels- 4 Rec, 62 yards, TD- 12.2 fantasy points

Meh. He caught a TD.


Tight End Chumps:

Jordan Cameron-1 Rec, 4 yards- 0.4 fantasy points

Just hasn’t been the same this year, especially since his second concussion. Let’s see if he is able to sustain the starting role going into next year.

Larry Donnell-2 Rec, 11 yards- 1.1 fantasy points

Another STINKY performance from Donnell. He belongs on waivers.


**Note: Fantasy points denote standard, non-PPR scoring.


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