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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

2014 Fantasy Football Champs and Chumps: Week 13

Quarterback Champs:

Ryan Fitzpatrick- 24/33, 358 yards, 6 TDs; 2 Rush, 10 yards- 39.2 fantasy points

This is not a typo. Only the second time in history an Ivy League QB has thrown for six touchdowns (First time since 1949). Worth a pickup if you aren’t that strong at qb. They play the Jags next week. Just saying.

Andrew Luck- 19/27, 370, 5 TDs, INT, FUMBLE; 4 Rush, 20 yards  – 32.8 fantasy points

The dude continues to go H.A.M. week-to-week. The ideal playoff fantasy quarterback. Ride him to a championship.

Drew Brees- 19/27, 257 yards, 5 TDs – 30.2 fantasy points

Like we said…AWESOME playoff schedule. He should continue to put up big numbers the rest of the way. Ironic, though, that he put up these gargantuan numbers without Graham involved. Regardless, that should make you feel good.


Quarterback Chumps:

Colin Kaepernick- 16/29, 121 yards, 2 INTs; 3 Rush 17 yards- 2.5 fantasy points

This is just what you get from Kaep and the Niners. Defensive, grinding games. Lots of punting. On a personal note, I HATE watching the 49ers play, and will NEVER EVER EVER EVER draft Colin Kaepernick again. Ever.

Brian Hoyer- 18/30, 192 yards, 2 INTs- 3.6 fantasy points

I know he has been bad the last two games, but is benching him really the right move at this point for them? He’s led them to the best season they’ve had in many many years. I just don’t think this is the right play

Tony Romo- 18/29, 199 yards, 2 INTs- 3.7 fantasy points

Romo should have had 400+ yards and 4+ TDs against the Eagles (at home, I will add), like many other teams have done. Heck, Austin Davis did it to them. But not on this Thanksgiving Day. I’m sure Tony was in a great mood at the dinner table after that…


Running Back Champs:

Tre Mason- 14 Rush, 117 yards, 2 TDs; 3 Rec, 47 yards, TD– 34.4 fantasy points

He’s beginning to ball out. Start him with confidence each week. High end RB2 with RB1 potential.

Le’Veon Bell-21 Rush, 95 yards, TD; 8 Rec, 159 yards- 31.4 fantasy points

254 yards from scrimmage? Nearly 500 yards in two weeks? What a stallion this guy is….

C.J. Anderson- 32 Rush, 168 yards, 3 TDs; 2 Rec, 17 yards, TD – 24.5 fantasy points

Remember last week when I said he is a high-end RB2? Forget that. He’s a top 10 running back the rest of the year with Hillman and Ball out. Period.

 Running Back Chumps: 

Jonas Gray- 1 Rush, 4 yards– 0.4 fantasy points

Is he permanently in the doghouse? That four-TD effort seems ever so long ago…

Trent Richardson - 8 Rush, 12 yards- 1.2 fantasy points

Has Boom Herron surpassed Trent? I think so. That should speak volumes on the Colts’ view of Trent moving forward, Trent’s future WITH the Colt, and Trent’s future with any other team for the matter.

Frank Gore – 10 Rush, 28 yards; 1 Rec, 8 yards- 3.6 fantasy points

Granted, it was a tough matchup, but let’s get serious. He’s wearing down folks.


Wide Receiver Champs:

DeAndre Hopkins-9 Rec, 238 yards, 2 TDs-35.8 fantasy points

Holy moly. Did you get “Hopkinsed” this weeked? I did in one league. Not a good time.

Calvin Johnson- 11 Rec, 146 yards, 2 TDs – 26.6 fantasy points

Give this guy some TURKEY!!! Megatron always comes to play on Thanksgiving, and always seems to ball out against the Bears.

Donte Moncrief- 3 Rec, 134 yards, 2 TDs; 1 Rush, 6 yards – 26 fantasy points

Is he now the most effective Frenchman wideout in fantasy (surpassing Garcon)??? Just kidding, he only had 3 catches. #Luck

Wide Receiver Chumps:

Steve Smith Sr- 1 Rec, 2 yards- 0.2 fantasy points

Yikes. Can’t trust him

Pierre Garcon- 3 Rec, 9 yards-0.9 fantasy points

Not even the best Frenchie wideout anymore. What is this world coming to?!?! 

Michael Crabtree- 3 Rec, 10 yards-1 fantasy point

Crab aint catchin’. We hope you ain’t catchin’ Crabs either. Or starting Crab. No crabs. Good Lord, no crabs. 


Tight End Champs:

Coby Fleener- 4 Rec, 127 yards, 2 TDs- 24.7 fantasy points

As long as Dwayne Allen is out, I LOVE Fleener. College teammate of Luck’s and he’s one of few tight ends that is capable of going well over 100 yards. I mean, you’ve seen it…

Jordan Reed- 9 Rec, 123 yards- 12.3 fantasy points

This just frustrates me. Probably because I sent him packing weeks ago. However, McCoy targets him HEAVILY (yes, that is worth noting), so as long as McCoy is under center, Reed should put up TE1 numbers.


Tight End Chumps

Jimmy Graham- 0 Rec, 0 yards- ZERO fantasy points

He was only on the field for 30 snaps (51-58-51-49 snaps the previous four weeks, respectively). The Steelers HEAVY game plans was to stop Graham. They just forgot to cover Stills and everyone else…

Zach Ertz-0 Rec, 0 yards- ZERO fantasy points

#ErtzDonut. Send him to waivers if you haven’t already.


Star Rookie Watch:

Kelvin Benjamin- 5 Rec, 56 yards – 5.6 Fantasy Points

Mike Evans- 4 Rec, 49 yards – 4.9 Fantasy Points 

Sammy Watkins- 3 Rec, 11 yards – 1.1 Fantasy Points

 *A rough week for the star rookie wideouts

**Note: Fantasy points denote standard, non-PPR scoring.



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