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Sunday, 7 December 2014

5 Free Agents the New York Jets Should Target: Hint Jim Harbaugh

The New York Jets are 2-10 with four weeks to go.  It is clear that there is a whole lot of work to do to make them a playoff contender ever again.  And in the NFL a whole lot of work usually means a whole lot of firing, letting go and acquiring nice new shiny pieces, Eric Decker anyone?

Unfortunately, just grabbing the shiny piece isn't helpful if that piece doesn't fit.  And the Jets have been very good at acquiring pieces that don't fit, aren't useful or are just plain bad.  So now it is time for the Jets to step up.  They are reportedly 70-75 million under the salary cap for 2015.  It's a start.

But being completely unrealistic about the dollars, here are five people the Jets should target in free agency.

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