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Sunday, 7 December 2014

Chicago Bears Season Stopped in It's Tracks

Jay Cutler 
At first it appeared that it would be a close game, with the Dallas Cowboys scoring first and then the Bears followed, tying it at 7-7. But then the Cowboys found the Bears weak spot and it was all downhill from there.  It was even plausible for just a moment that the Bears could come from behind, scoring twice to be within 10 points of the Cowboys, yet the song remained the same and the Cowboys finished off the Bears for the season. 
It is not what Bears fans wanted to see.  In the off-season the media hype was that the Chicago Bears would be play-off contenders.  But it was never going to happen, because the McCaskey's failed to hire coaches with winning methods. Bruce Arians, now coach of the Arizona Cardinals was available in 2013, and eagar to head-spear a team, and for the Bears it would have turned them into playoff contenders.  But they chose Marc Trestman, who in turned chose Mel Tucker to be the defensive coordinator for the Chicago Bears.   If the McCaskey's had done their homework, they could have at least chosen Bob Sutton, who has done a tremendous job with his current team the Kansas City Chiefs.
It is the behavior of the Bears fans that tell the story, as Bears fans held up signs at Soldier Field demanding that the entire coaching staff be fired. But the Bears offense showed on Thursday in a late rally that it was within their control to make an attempt and salvage the seaosn. But it was too late. A really good team does their job from the beginning of the coin-toss.  Wide receiver Brandon Marshall tried to fire up the game with two incredible catches, only to be kneed in the back and taken out of the game and now out for the season.  The rally came late in the game and seemed heartfelt and determined. 
Then, as to be expected, quarterback Jay Cutler sealed their fate with an interception in the end zone. What has become of the Chicago Bears? Some say they have no heart, but that doesn't seem to be the case, especially Thursday night. However, it appears to be a disconnected coaching staff with its player. Some of the players are not young and spry anymore and they have lost the ability to jump off the block and make plays. While the young players are not being taught how to read the quarterback, or offense formations for that matter.  They were ill-equipped to play against the Cowboys and it showed big-time. Even a 5-foot, 150 pound player, like WR Cole Beasley, took safety Chris Conte' twice to the house.
It is safe to say that the Chicago Bears will be playing for sheer dignity for the remainder of the season. In 1999, the Bears were 6-10 was in 199 with head coach Dick Jauron. They followed that year with a 5-11 season in 2000. That same coach in his third term lead the team to a 13-3 season.  Is there hope for the Marc Trestman era? It's possible, but only if the McCaskeys and GM Phil Emery make the right decision by supplying the Bears defense with a much more dynamic Defensive Coordinator and Special Teams coach.  Maybe then, just maybe, by 2015 the Bears will regain their dignity and the fans can show them some respect.


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