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Monday, 22 December 2014

Describing Every NFL Team in 5 Interesting Words

One of the most competitive NFL seasons in recent memory is now approaching Week 17. This is where all the hard work comes to end for some teams, and where dreams come true for a select few. Your favorite team may be down and out or may be preparing for a deep postseason run, but each team has a few words that represents their season. Here are five words to describe every NFL team whether it be good or bad…

Arizona Cardinals

Please come back Carson Palmer…

Atlanta Falcons

A chance at the division? 

Baltimore Ravens

We could’ve used Ray Rice…

Buffalo Bills

Oakland? We lost to Oakland?

Carolina Panthers

Someone get Cam a chauffeur.

Johnny Hurt?

Chicago Bears

Why’d we pay Jay Cutler?

Cincinnati Bengals

We want the NFC North

Cleveland Browns

Johnny Football what happened man?

Dallas Cowboys

Tony Romo: Most Valuable Player

Denver Broncos

Peyton Manning: a timeless wonder.

Detroit Lions

One game for the division…

Green Bay Packers

Relax everybody. We have A-Rod.

Houston Texans

We still have playoff hope!

Indianapolis Colts

Has our Luck ran out?

Jacksonville Jaguars

Could Alabama really beat us?

Kansas City Chiefs

Falling short like the Royals…

Miami Dolphins

We always fall just short…

Minnesota Vikings

Adrian Peterson for a comeback?

New England Patriots

Gronk Time: all day everyday. 

New Orleans Saints

The Saints go marching home…

New York Giants

OBJ: Rookie of the Year

New York Jets

Geno, Ryan, Idzik ALL gone?

Oakland Raiders

Is Derek Carr the answer?

Philadelphia Eagles

Nick Foles please come back…

The RGIII Dilemma

Pittsburgh Steelers

Big Ben is BIG time.

Saint Louis Rams

Please get healthy Sam Bradford.

San Diego Chargers

Playoffs? We’re talking about playoffs?!

San Francisco 49ers

Time for college ball Jim.

Seattle Seahawks

We look like repeat champs.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Mike Evans: the lone positive…

Tennessee Titans

Stop taking selfies Zach Mettenberger.,.

Washington Redskins

Pick one: RGIII or Gruden


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