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Monday, 29 December 2014

Top 10 NFL Players on Santa's Fantasy Football's Naughty List

Forget Santa.  His naughty versus nice list is so...yesterday.  This list is comprehensive.  There were some very naughty boys, just ask fantasy football players.  There were some very nice boys, just ask their teams.  But nice, yeah, we will deal with that later.  This is the naughty list. 

Here are the naughty boys of 2014 NFL season:

10.) Peyton Manning

Okay so he was pretty nice for the most part of the season, but down the stretch, when it counted for fantasy season.  Oh so naughty.

Week 16 fantasy football championships, Manning two touchdowns and four interceptions.

Week 15 first round, Manning one touchdown and 233 yards! 

What I didn't draft you first for such pedestrian numbers when it mattered.  Oops did that sound personal?  Still naughty!

9.) Andrew Luck

Same story.  During fantasy football championships final Luck amassed an anstounding 0 points.  Yes, he got you there, but it just wasn't enough to keep him on the nice list. 

8.) Jimmy Graham

Whew, large contract and small output.  He was naughty for both the New Orleans Saints and your fantasy team. 

Was he ever on the nice list this year?

7.) Jay Cutler

When is he not on a naughty list?  Seriously, Cutler was really bad at home.  But he was pretty good on your fantasy football team.  But when you are benched for Jimmy Clausen, you are some kind of naughty.

6.) Robert Griffin III

Speaking of benching, Grffin III has been benched twice, two consecutive years byt two different coaches.  His fundamentals are in question.  His ability to lead are on shaky ground.  And his commercials kinda suck. 

For all the above he sits high upon the naughty list. 

5.) Jets secondary

Is it really fair to single just one person out in this group?  The secondary was bad.  Really bad.

4.) Johnny Manziel

Oh so now he suddenly realizes he should get serious?  Was that before or after he threw a party that got him fined for missing treatment and probably contributed to teammate Josh Gordon being late for walk-through?  Oh Johnny!

3.) Josh Gordon

Speaking of which, so you are suspended for half the season.  Return and forget how to run routes.  Then suspended for the last game of the season for "violation of team rules"?  Naughty doesn't even go far enough.

2.) Kansas City Chiefs Wide Receivers

Did you know that J.J. Watt has more touchdown receptions than the Chiefs wide receivers?

1.) Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice

Enough said.


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