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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Chad Kelly Doesn't Deserve to Play at Ole Miss

I do not know what to think about former Clemson Quarterback Chad Kelly, who is now a signee at the University of Mississippi. Clemson released him because of his “behavior that wasn’t consistent to the values of Clemson’s program,” stated Clemson Head Coach Dabo Swinney. His tract record is far from perfect and his character seems arrogant and badgering. He basically seems like a punk that can throw a football.

 Now, let’s note and congratulate him for his latest accomplishment as a young adult! Kelly recently has had 7 misdemeanors dropped from his record in a plea deal where he will have to complete 50 hours of community service in return. To earn his misdemeanors he refused to leave a nightclub in Buffalo, New York, punched a bouncer, and verbally threatened to involve his AK-47 in the “club” that was located in his truck.  He even tried to be a badass and attempt to resist arrest and verbally harass police…he lost incase you were wondering. 

Either this guy thinks he is above authority or he just doesn’t know how to handle his alcohol (what a amateur).  In my opinion, it’s a combination of both and the boy's immaturity.  I know when I was his age I thought I knew everything about anything. I basically thought my poop didn’t stink because, “hey I’m grown up because I’m 21 years old,” ya ok. Needless to say, as I’ve gotten older I realize how stupid I was at Kelly’s age. 

 Another issue I have with Kelly is his “cocky I’m so famous” attitude.  I hate those attitudes and don’t see how anyone puts up with them. So Okay, the boy can maybe throw some touchdowns, but that doesn’t change the fact that he has a horrible tract record and continuous bad behavior.

 The boy seems to have a horrible character, just my opinion.  This past week, according to, Kelly arrived to Ole Miss.  No word has been formally released that he will play football for Ole Miss, but when you put “A” and “B” together, then you probably know what the outcome will be. 

 Head Ole Miss Coach Hugh Freeze and Kelly have apparently gone over requirements that Kelly must complete in order to be considered to be a member of the team.  I’m sure it will consist of a lot of community service but I believe Kelly won’t be doing it for the right reasons. 

 I believe Kelly will only complete the work because he has too versus having the heart to really want too.  He got caught for doing something stupid and is probably mad because of that, but then again he’s been caught multiple times so I question if he even cares.  Anyone can do community service but it really takes a kind sole to want to actually do it and make a difference in a community. 

 I love Coach Freeze and everything he stands for, I’m a believer in second chances, but I am a bigger believe in a person’s character.  Chad Kelly does not have good character and in the long run I truly believe it will bite Ole Miss in the butt if he plays a down. Chad Kelly, prove my ordinary self-wrong and you will become an awesome motivational speaker one day.



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