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Friday, 16 January 2015

Kansas City Chiefs: 2014 Final Report Card

Before Alex Smith came into the picture in 2013, The Chiefs were 2-14 for the 2012 season. In 2013 they jumped to 11-5, making it to the wild card round and losing to The Colts by only 1 point. This year they went 9-7, not making it to the playoffs due to wins from The Ravens over The Browns and The Texans over The Jaguars. Overall The Chiefs did well, just coming up a bit shy, earning them an A-.

Let's look at four key players to see how The Chiefs earned their grade; Alex Smith, Jamaal Charles, Anthony Fasano, and Justin Houston.

1. Alex Smith A-

As a Chief in 2013, Alex threw for 3313 yards for 23 TDs and had 7 interceptions. He also managed to rush for 431 yards, and one rushing TD, not bad for his first year as a Chief. This year, he wasn't too far off. Smith threw for 3265 yards, 18 TDs, had 6 interceptions and 254 yards rushing with one rushing TD. Smith wasn't 100%, but not too bad, earning him an A-. 

2. Jamaal Charles B

Jamaal had a decent year, but certainly not his best. In 2012 Jamaal rushed for 1509 yards averaging 94.3 yards per game. In 2013 he had 12 TDs and 72 1st downs. Comparing that with this year, Jamaal rushed for 1033 yards for 68.9 yards per game, had 9 TDs and 50 first downs. Jamaal definitely has more to offer, thus earning him a B.

3. Anthony Fasano A

Coming aboard as a Chief from Miami when Alex came aboard, Fasano has proven to be an effective TE. In 2013, Fasano had 200 yards receiving, 3 touchdowns, and no fumbles. He has only gotten better in 2014 with 226 receiving yards, 4 touchdowns and again no fumbles. As the Chiefs continue to utilize Fasano, they will see more and more success. Fasano gets an A this season.

4. Justin Houston A-

Justin Houston was an intricle part of the Chiefs defense this year, as he has been for the past few years. In 2012, Houston had 66 combined tackles, a safety, and an interception. Justin has not disappointed this season either, with 68 combined tackes, no safeties or interceptions, but certainly trying to pull his weight. Houston earns an A- for his efforts this season.

All in all this season, The Chiefs were doing well. As we watch Smith progress in his role and utilize Jamaal more and more, we'll see good things coming from Andy Reid and his team.



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